Happy Monday!

I want to start off this week by letting you know about the forthcoming EP from IFA set to release on Crossroads Records, March 1st.

IFA is based in France and has been involved with music in general for quite awhile. He is in fact on a French tour with his band Cloverseeds as you read this.

He is also involved in other projects but found the time to come up with 3 gems in my opinion and I’m happy to help him continue to get his work out to you all.

Here are 2 clips that will give you an idea of what to expect next month.

CRSRDSEP011 – IFA – Warfare [Out March 1st] by crossroadsrecordsmusic
CRSRDSEP011 – IFA – Another November [Out March 1st] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Crossroads Familia, Lokrian.


All I’m going to say here is that Lokrian is an alias of an artist you know and probably appreciate… 😉

Keep those ears open and those eyes peeled, we expect some BIG STUFF from this guy!

Returded by Lokrian

PIECE by Lokrian


from Deesee here!

I don’t know a thing about Deesee other than his work is appreciated by Crossroads family member, Aftee. I’ll be paying attention from now on, I’d bet you will be too.

Deesee – Let Go by dee:see


I’m really not sure how I missed this tune, but it’s a lovely step away from everything cliche.

Big Up Aftee for offering this piece to all of us, it’s really different.

Aftee – October 17th by Aftee

If you haven’t heard of George Lenton, you’re in for a treat. If you have been following him I’m sure you’ve missed something as he updates his soundcloud account about every 3 and half minutes. Insane work flow!
This guy has produced a huge amount of work and it is all absolutely Grade A quality.

I have too many favorites to go on a rant, but click on the picture below for a massive amount of FREE remixes and originals! BIG UP George for the generosity!


DJG has shared a tune he finished in 2009.

It may be 2 years old but it’s solid and one to be heard.


Enjoy the FREE download, he doesn’t do this often.

DJG – Roots (2009) – free download by DJG


I gave this away along with a few others this week and considering the tune from Dean and for continuity sake I’m hopping in line or jumpin’ on the wagon, however you wanna look at it. FREE DOWNLOAD!
Grab the others here>

Fish Finger – Wasted [2008] (Lost and Found Files) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Fish Finger


Who are the Subliminals? 😉

Subliminals – Future [unmastered] WIP by subliminals
Subliminals – Flashback [unmastered] by subliminals

Big Up DJ UMB and the rest of the Generation Bass Fam. Until next time folks!

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