Dread Bass Chronicles Remixed cover

Fyah in the place! Kush finally drops the remix installment of 2009s Dread Bass Chronicles. I’ve always loved this title… gets me thinking of some kind of hi-fi sci-fi post apocalyptic musical. lol!

We’ve got the vocalizing of Warrior Queen, MC Zulu, Juakali and Bongo Chilli paired up with remixers Rogue State, Knight Riderz & J.Me.J, Vinyl Blight, Fluorescent Grey, Anon Day, Searchl1te, Redbud, Professor Bang, Joey Mousepad and me (Process Rebel). Kush also steps in with a couple of nice mixes of his own.

The release opens with some heavily vocoded Warrior Queen on a west-coast wonky lazer bass remix from Knight Riderz & J.Me.J
1. Kush Arora feat. Warrior Queen – Making Money (Knight Riderz and J.Me.J Remix) by KushArora

With some neat bit crushed resonance sweeps that evoke Tuvan throat singing, The Searchl1te remix of ‘Lose Control’ with MC Zulu has been rocking a few of my sets.
8. Kush Arora feat. MC ZULU – Lose Control (Searchl1te Remix) by KushArora

Kush offers up a FREE DOWNLOAD of the remix I did of ‘The Truth’ featuring Bongo Chilli.
6. Kush Arora feat. Bongo Chilli – The Truth (Process Rebel Remix) by KushArora

And from one of my favorite UK producers – Rogue State weighs in with a tasty drum & bass mix of Making Money featuring a chopped and dubbed Warrior Queen.
5. Kush Arora feat. Warrior Queen – Making Money (Rogue State Remix) by KushArora

And Boom! Another FREE DOWNLOAD! Kush’s bashy remix of Wine Mek Me See You.
4. Kush Arora feat. Bongo Chilli – Wine Mek Me See You(Kush Arora Bashy Remix) by KushArora

Peep the entire release wrapped up in Soundcloud set right here.

Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD mini-mix I just did that includes The Truth remix mashed up with some classic Remarc jungle bizness.
172 Mash Out Street (Mini Mix) !!Free Download!! by processrebel

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