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I’m back with another global mixxxtape selection, this week I invite you to get warm & sweaty with DJ WastePicker, get filthy with Dieselboy, and relax with a post-filth smoke & Dibiase…

DJ WastePicker

dj wastepicker africa

An excellent mix here in which the DJs ego takes a back seat to allow the amazing music within to speak for itself. That’s not to say there’s no skill on show here from WastePicker: first and foremost it’s an awesome selection, which is the main skill of any DJ, whilst the mixing itself is not overly flashy, creating extended blends or mashups, but rather goes for subtle understated transitions. WastePicker warms us up with some afrobeat & hip hop, ramping up into globalhaus as the mix goes on. The Nkasei tune is amazing, as is the super mellow finish from Pacific Steppaz.

If you’re around Edinburgh then check Wastepicker out at Departure Lounge

Download: It Began In Africa

Drumbeat – Jim Ingram
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Coton – Nouèssénam
Bunzu Sounds – Zinabu
Edua Neb U – Nkasei Feat. Reggie Rockstone
Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
La Inconformable – The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
Smutlee – Body Language/Look Pon Me (Smutlee Moombahton Edit)
Milton Cardona – Ebioso (Atropolis Global Bass Remix)
Edit – Eboi
Lagos New York [Simbad Remix] – Keziah Jones
Avalo – Hakaze
Ekdoko – Woodworm Blues (Bring Back The Bass Edit)
Afronaut / Golpe Tuyo Calinda – Simbad
Rezando (Michel Cleis Remix) – Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band
Gerrard Ll. (Sat In Silence) – Pacific Steppaz


Dieselboy - Unleashed

I was stoked to stumble across this mix from Dieselboy… I used to be well into my d&b towards the end of the 90s, and when my brother went to live in America for a while in 2000 or so he sent me back a Dieselboy mix CD which blew me away with its intensity, the beats collapsing over themselves with apocalyptic precision, always on the verge of self destruction. It represented the sound of the USA taking a British electronic genre and not only understanding it (which was rare enough at the time) but building on it and expanding it. This mix continues in that vein, although by now these styles have infused around the world so it’s not quite the revelation that mix was ten years ago. There’s some EPIC dubstep / drumstep in here… Check the build from 22.20 to the drop at 22.40, but try not to break anything. IT’S TIME TO GET FUCKING GRIMEY. 40:45 is UGLY. It will leave you feeling VIOLATED. (I think it’s Zardonic + Numbernin6 feat Messinian – End Of Days (Dieselboy VIP) which I can’t find anywhere online… I guess I’m not enough of a VIP). After about 45 minutes he slows the pace down for straight up dubstep until the end, which is a constant ugly violation. It actually got a bit too much for me after a while

Dieselboy – Unleashed! by Dieselboy

Break feat Calyx + Teebee – Don’t Look Down
Icicle feat SPMC – Dreadnaught
Phace + Misanthrop – Desert Orgy
Optiv feat Rymetyme – Run It Red (Neonlight Remix)
Pixel Fist – Horrible (Audio Remix)
Terravita – And The Beat Goes On
The Upbeats + Trei – Wear & Tear
The Prototypes – Work It
Noisia – Friendly Intentions
Dose – Squander
Audio – Prototype
Breakage – Fighting Fire feat Jess Mills (Loadstar Remix)
Delta Heavy – Space Time
Xtrah – Amazon
Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be
Dub Foundation – Time to Burn
Eric Prydz – Niton (Metrik Remix)
Dieselboy + Blokhe4d – Get Back
Soul Intent – Be Strong
Culture Shock – The Bypass
Generic + The Fix – Suicide
Sigma – Stronger
Dose – Martyrdom
Gridlok + Prolix feat Fats – Tru Born Playa
Demo – OD (Counterstrike + Gein Remix)
C4C – Stranglehold [clip]
The Upbeats – Big Skeleton (MOJX VIP)
Break – Destiny Comes Ringing
The Upbeats – Untitled
Uman + BTK – Generator
Zardonic + Numbernin6 feat Messinian – End Of Days (Dieselboy VIP)
Zardonic – Nexus Polaris
Jubei + S.P.Y. – Project One
Gein + Counterstrike – Pentagram VIP
Muffler – Heavy (Search + Destroy VIP)
Zardonic + Mumblz – Systems Activated (Pixel Fist Remix)
Liquid Stranger – Robot Rox [clip]
Current Value – Indivisible Force (Cybakotic Remix)
Emalkay – Powertool
Bare – Synthetic
Mark Instinct – 15 Karat (Bare’s 16K VIP) [clip]
Bare – Droid
MOB – Lifted
Bare – Bring It Back [clip]
Liquid Stranger + Sluggo – Human Implant
Liquid Stranger + Sluggo – Stalkers VIP
Bare + Muffler – Bloodsport
Truth – The Emperor
Flecta – Guts Ya
Numbernin6 – Menace
Dieselboy – NVD (Numbernin6 Remix) [clip]
Asking Alexandria – A Single Moment Of Sincerity (Bare Remix)
Pixel Fist – Fire
Excision + Downlink – Reploid [clip]
Downlink – Factory [clip]
Skrillex + Bare Noize – Scatta (Dieselboy VIP feat Armanni + Messinian)



Well I think we need to pull it back a little after all that ugliness, and MondayJazz‘s weekly mix series can always be relied upon to deliver on the mellowness. This week’s mix from Dibiase is ‘a journey into ever vibrant Californian beats phenomena’, a blissed out smoker’s delight full of wonky, soulful hip hop beats.

Download: Slapparatus by Dibiase

1. be_real / selfish (green llama crew)
2. bluntwraps / devonwho
3. CB4 (instrumental) / slum village [fantastic vol. 2]
4. 4nia (92) / afta1
5. VA – JAZI – 1 / varan (green llama crew)
6. rise / georgia ann muldrow
7. get dumm / dibiase
8. phazes / dibiase
9. sleep walkin / elaquent
10. doug e. mesh (beat up) flip / pudgemcee
11. AL B THERE / benny blonco
12. knowin / dibiase feat. t calmese
13. lo life / dibiase [2005 beats]
14. breathe right / dibiase
15. ghostly / dibiase
16. blues / dibiase
17. searchin for it / dibiase
18. DB grover w/ dak [sound palace album]
19. wagwawowo. / dak
20. wait / knxledge
21. another day / dibiase
22. untitled / vincent price (green llama crew)
23. untitled / fluent (green llama crew)
24. ill be there 4 u / dibiase
25. aesbestos / dibiase feat jonwayniac [darkhorsemen project]
26. cruise control /dibiase feat nasrockswell [10thirty project]
27. missing u / dibiase
28. the mood is right / dibiase [jeepbangerz vol. 2]
29. ballroom swing (05 version) / dibiase [jeepbangerz vol. 2]
30. lemonade / dibiase [jeepbangerz vol. 2]
31. lumberjack / dibiase (exclusive devonwho remix) [machines hate me]


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