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Our buddy Maga Bo is involved in one of the coolest projects I’ve ever heard of. Actually it is very similar to an idea I had back in 2008 while speaking to a very cool dude from Morocco. He was telling me about how musically talented the kids in his village were and how passionate and inspired they are about life. We thought how cool it would be to teach them some electronica and give them the tools to produce and share their creations.

I visited Maga Bo’s website to catch up on his activities when I wrote the Global Heavyweights post about a week ago, and there I learned about his upcoming project in Morocco. After watching the promo video for it and reading the info, I truly believe that this project has the potential to be something really amazing for the locals in Morocco, the international participants and volunteers, and later for all of us lovers of global bass music as the results will start pouring back in online.

If you read more about it, you will see that they have a main supporter for the project and the funding they are seeking for are for a preliminary trip out there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here is your chance to pledge and be a part of a real social benefit that is deeply grounded in the music we love and the cultures that we admire.

By pledging you can also receive pretty awesome stuff including personalized dj mixes, a visit by Maga Bo and Dj Rupture to rock your party and the ultimate kickback is a chance to jump on-board and become a member of the Beyond Digital team. Please visit their kickstarter page and give what you can. The mere thought of contributing to the global music movement through a project that is going to give so much to the musicians and artists involved in it is worth any dollar amount.

Hurry up and donate now, only 2 weeks left to fund the first phase of the project and to get it started!!!:

BTW, while on his website, i found this mix of his from about a year ago, highly recommended listening and downloading:

and this awesome remix of Filastine

Hot Sur le Spot feat. Wa BMG 44 (Maga Bo reMix) (Quemalo Ya Riddim) – Filastine by MAGA BO

both were previously featured here on GB 😛

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