Chip Bass Monthly

Boom! A bunch of great releases out this month and it is fantastic to see artists who keep making there way into these posts through consistently releasing quality material.



The EP that Tokyo resident Cheapshot has been hinting at for a while has arrived and on 8bitpeoples no less. This is a fantastic collection of gritty gameboy chip bass that has incredible instrument and sound design throughout. I also found the whole EP rhythmically engaging from track to track maintaining a mid-range tempo with a complex array of syncopation and grooves that are just designed for rocking out to. An instant Chip bass classic. Download the whole thing free here. You can prelisten to two standout tracks below.





A chipbass monthly exclusive Texan Sievert has been writing a bunch of killer drum n bass tracks and this one is a little preview of his current material. He played earlier this month with fellow texan IAYD (who released an EP of epic tunes on 8BP this month as well) and all reports are this new material is awe inspiring!

Assassin Droid



The prolific and talented 486 is at it again. As if making killer wobbly chipstep wasn’t enough he has now started up his own 7″ label with the first release scheduled in March with pre-orders available now. The label Teknomadix, aims to deliver high quality lo-bit bump in a physical format and this first release Digital Drugs/Digital Fix is a nice mix of Skweee style wonk and chunky chipstep wobble. Preview and Preorder the tracks now!



While on the topic of Teknomadix and 486, Kodek dropped this amazing preview that is due to be the second release on the label and sees these two chip bass titans team up. LARGE!



I actually came across this guy from another Generation Bass post, there isn’t much Chip Cumbia out there, Super Guachin is about the only other I have come across. This guy isn’t strictly Chip, mixing it in with other production techniques and isn’t active within the Chipmusic scene but his sound is great and he does use a Game Boy and chipsounds throughout his work which is good enough for me. This month he had a release on Cabeza.. download it here or preview a track below. He also dropped a nice little instrumental on soundcloud that has really grown on me! It’s great hearing square wave leads over cumbia beats.

Cabeza! 033 – Gameboy – 2011 by Cabeza!

Sangre (instrumental) by Gameboy



The versatile lad from Swansea is at it again. Putting out a sample of what will be his first full length, containing his epic chipstep as well as some classic hairtune (HA! such an insider term… basically it refers to trance, house, four-to-the-floor style melodic chiptunes, sometimes has negative connotations but I promise I mean it nicely!) He has also put out a track called “The Final Step” from the forthcoming  Enigma LP and it is great (hope the song name doesn’t mean he is hanging up his chipstep cape)
Enigma Full Sampler by Byzanite

Download Final Step



This track by multi-chip wielding french artist Ultrasyd has actually been around for a little while but it took a certain website to be down for a few weeks and this song to get re-uploaded  for  this song to get a bunch of notice and rightfully so. Vocaloid robot vocals mixed with straight up wobbly SID bass, really a perfect mix. You can grab the Instrumental and a High quality mp3 version (even the .sid file if you have a C64 and or emulator around) from his website.

Heretical Chip


Thanks kids see you next month!!

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