When Moombahton & Moombahcore ruled the world!



A Royal Wedding is on the cards in the UK and this is London based Nadia Oh’s ode to that.  Wonder if they’ll play it at the reception

No idea who Nadio Oh is/are but glad she/they friended me cause this track rocks!

Nadia Oh ‘Kate Middleton” by nadiaoh



Rebelliousness has always been linked to some aggression and Moombahcore by it’s very nature is slightly aggressive, allows you to release all that pent up frustration of whatever source.

Here’s an awesome track I found posted on Dave Nada’a tumblr site.

How appropriate that the title seems to be an ode to the creator and original rebel Moombacore producer, our Munchi, who is sadly still holed up in some Hawaiin hospital.

Munchi, we hope you get well asap brother, we miss you and our prayers are with you <3

MOOMBAHTUMBLR EXCLUSIVE MP3: Billy The Gent – “Munchicore”

Ay dios mio, hide ya wife hide ya kidz this is fucking bonkers.


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