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Today’s Moombahnista’s:

1. Thomas Blondet

2. DJ Dice

3. A Tribe Called Red

4. Chong X

5. Neki Stranac

6. Javier Estrada

Thomas Blondet – DeeeP MoombaH


Yeah feeling this one big time…12 minutes of DeeeP MoomBaH blisss man!

Xcellent work Tommo, more please!

Deep Burnt (Thomas Blondet’s Moombahton Edit) by Thomas Blondet

DJ Dice


Dice must stand for Delicious In Certainly Everything!

Omar does it again, quality!

Okay Ladys (Moombahton)Dice Vs Cure (FREE 99) by DJ DICE (CHICAGO)

A Tribe Called Red – Moombahwow


Thanks 2 Diplo for introducing these guys to the world, I’m into them Big Time!

This time they battle against the other tribe, A Tribe Called Quest 🙂

Tribe Awards by A Tribe Called Red

Chong X


Big up to El Nomada for delivering this dude to my doorstep.  He’s from Peru and his output is very encouraging, lovin’ the Moombacore in particular!

Larry Tee Feat. Roxy Cottontail – Let’s Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix) [Chong X Moombahton edit] by chong-x

Cockney Thug [Chong X – moombahcore edit] by chong-x

Nate Dogg – Gangsta Walk (Chong X – Gangstatone edit) by chong-x

Neki Stranac – Transnational Moombahton


We all know Neki is killin’ it!

Entertain Me (NEKI STRANAC Edit) – T.Raumschmiere vs. Dilemn by NEKI STRANAC

Move Your Hips (NEKI STRANAC Edit) – Havana Funk vs. Sidney Samson by NEKI STRANAC

Jogalani (NEKI STRANAC Edit) – Swick by NEKI STRANAC

Dj Javier Estrada – PrehispanikCorE


Only kiddin’ bout the tag, PrehispanikCorE

Music is serious but man sometimes you gotta have fun with it too.

Here’s his take on the M-CorE!

Dj Javier Estrada – Sangre Por Sangre 2 by djjavierestrada



Wow, just been totally knocked out by this, man it’s gorgeous, sublime, beautiful!

I just stumbled upon this guy via Soundcloud.  The free downloads will not last long and so I’d be quick if I were you.

Via his facebook page I found out that the Guardian described this guy’s sound as “Ambient Goth” and made him their new band of the day yesterday, read about it HERE.

I’d just like to quote this passage because it pretty much sums up exactly what I also feel about this:

Touch is what we dreamed the James Blake album would sound like……..Remember those stories about Prince being a Cocteau Twins fan? Well, this is what might have resulted had he worked with Robin Guthrie or Kevin Shields, If I Was Your Girlfriend goes To Here Knows When. Then again, maybe we should just get out more.

Much like Burial, we don’t know much about who this dude is.  His Soundcloud says he is Manchester based!

For me, “one” of the most glorious finds of 2011 thus far!


Asobi Seksu – Trails (Holy Other Remix) by HOLY OTHER


March Madness

march madness
click image to see full size (3002 x 1313)

This has been a crazy month round-the-world with Japan quaking, Libya burning, USA democrazy, Israel Vs Gaza, Yemen in di revolution, UFOs in the skies of Colorado, Portugal in turmoil, and the people, they keep dancing.

As I was listening to music this month I noted the tunes that were really doin’ it for me and it resulted in this mix.

We got Boca, an upcoming MC/Producer from Israel with a killah hiphop/dancehall/ragga track. We got Arge Numa crew with awake of their upcoming EP (watch out for the upcoming review here on Lilea Narrative the amazing triphop collective from France that I really been digging, Neki Stranac with a couple fresh moombatunes that I really digg– he brings so much to the table–, my boy Samuel aka Martin Sauvage and my favorite remix on Daniel’s excellent EP – Riberalta, One of my favorite tracks on MunchAid by the man himself with Mr Lexx on the mic, Gotta love it when artist mix up with other genres and that is excactly what D.O.B is doing with this salsa dancehall song. Bunny on Acid brings in fresh oxygen to the mix with intelligent bass music, the Israeli duo Alphamale Primates (Tomba n Borgore) with some primestep madness. The CumbiaStep badboy Den5hion with a unique track that attempts to combine it all (love the psytrance cumbia there).Finishing on the positive irie side of things, General Levy with a recent tune that is an instant classic, and to really hand it off, Azam Ali with Dandini off her newest album on SixDegrees Rec (review soon on

March Madness by wizraeli-mixes – alternative d/l link:

Date: 3/26/11 / Mixed by Wizraeli / Length: 47:41 min / Size  109mb / Quality 320kbps / Name: March Madness

1. 8.Burn Dem (Prod By Boca) – boca ft nechi nech (download the whole mix tape )
2. Lilea Narrative – Same Change Feat. Perseph One ( catch’em on soundcloud for free downloads and more)
3. Arge Numa Crew – awake ( release date April 14th / soon review + exlusive here)
4. NEKI STRANAC – REPLICA MOOMBAHTON EDIT (NEKI’s in the sky with diamonds)
6. Daniel Klauser – Kunene (Samuel DemitĂ©mas Remix) (still fresh, d/l here)
7. Munchi ft Mr Lexx – Shottas (Crookers Remix) (free download)
8. D.O.B – Busy Latino (almost free)
9. Bunny on Acid – Oxygen (oh so good)
10. Alphamale Primate (AmP) – Kinder Surprise (this plus lot more from the genre on technocracymusic)
11. Den5hion – El Amor al Miedo (d/l right here)
12. General Levy – Jah Jah Bless (find on itunes or something)
13. Azam Ali – Dandini (free promo from the album / soon review here)

that is all for now, stay positive, and know that the music never stops,





Another amazing project, check this out and please donate what you can for the <3 of Transnational music!


Cairo Rising Recording Project

We are planning on documenting the democratic protests and revolutions in the Middle East by creating a collaborative music project and a series of short documentary films. We hope to humanize the changes in the Middle East through the presentation of music and youth culture of the region.

The musical component of the project will be will be a compilation album of revolutionary Arabic fusion artists in collaboration with other Arabic musicians and American and European remixers and producers. The project will focus on young Arabic rock musicians, rappers and singer/songwriters. We seek to find musical artists who express their desire for a more just and democratic world through music and song. We plan on recording mostly in Cairo, Egypt and the project will include artists from Tunisia, Algeria and the Arabic disaspora as well.

Using mobile recording technologies, we will set up temporary recording sessions in cafes, private homes and schools to quickly capture songs and performances that express the desire for freedom in the Middle East. Once the sessions have been recorded, the files will be brought back to San Francisco for editing, arrangement and final mixing.

Once the mixes are complete, the album project will be pitched to larger cultural institutions for world wide distribution. The list of organizations we plan on contacting include: National Geographic, Peter Gabriels Real World label, Six Degrees Records, Sterns Africa, Wrass Records, etc. In the event that one of these larger organizations does not pick up the project, the Embarka Record label, owned by project founder Jef Stott, is prepared to release the project world wide.

We will also be creating an elaborate website to document the projects progress and it’s results. The site will include interviews, blogs, photos, video clips, artists biographies and music excerpts from the new recording sessions.

Additionally we will be producing a series of short films to further document the creative process and insights into the artists point of view on the current situation in the Middle East. These short films could be compiled into a longer feature length film, but that would be another project for a future date.

The project coordinator and producer will be composer/producer Jef Stott, who has been working with Arabic and Northern African musicians (as well as Turkish, Persian and Balkan artists) for many many years and has released dozens of musical projects. He holds a degree in cultural anthropology and is an accomplished Middle Eastern musician in his own right. Mr. Stott will handle all recording duties, editing and final mixing of the projects musical compositions. His reputation in the world music industry will be an asset to the success of the project. He has a wide professional network of colleagues at large record labels, journalists, film producers and cultural institutions and Universities.

All profits will be shared evenly with the participating artists. All performances and artistic contributions will be documented through contracts and written agreements to ensure payment and transparency of accounting. Pre-existing songs used in the project will be non exclusive to the project allowing the artists to maintain control of there compositions. Collaborations between Arabic artists and the project producers will be co-published by both parties.

Financial contributions to the project will be used for the following:

transportation of the producer to and from Egypt

producer accommodations in Cairo for 3-4 weeks

initial contributing artist payment

recording session fees in Cairo (if any)

additional recording and editing in San Francisco

mixing fees in San Francisco

We sincerely hope that you will be able to help us with this project. It seems extremely timely and important that the artistic expression of post revolution Arabic culture is documented at this time.

Thank you in advance for your interest in the Cairo Rising project!

~Jef Stott

San Francisco, CA
Project location: San Francisco, CA


tape recorder

A bit of a hastily thrown together post right here (as opposed to my usual considered, literate style…. hah) because my USB stick on which I keep all my half-written blog posts (along with my half-written tunes, doh!) has just totally died – if anyone has any tips on extracting the data I’ll be eternally grateful!! – and of course, like most people in the western world I don’t expect to ever have to remember anything without the aid of technology. So I have literally no idea who I had pencilled in to feature this week. No matter, I still got 3 badassss mixxxes for you guys from Saigon84, Dub Gabriel, and Ahu.


saigon 84 mix

Grimey poststep, futuregarage & scifisoca (I just made that one up, I like it though)… it’s an urban-tribal-bass-adventure! Also be sure to check out Saigon 84’s excellent Morning Thing EP, which you can grab for free.

Saigon84 BassMix March 2011 by Saigon84

1 Becoming Real – Closer (Cold World Industries)
2 Nguzunguzu – Mirage ( Silverback Recordings)
3 Kry Wolf – Wonga (Sam Tiba) Rmx (Sound of Sumo)
4 Diamond Bass – Nomada (Enchufada)
5 Breach – Fatherless (Ramp)
6 Randomer + Fife – No Sleep (Soul Jazz)
7 Lil Silva – Pulse Vs Flex (Night Slugs)
8 Tete De Tigre – Pelican Bay (Squelch & Clap)
9 Samo Sound Boy – Wacka Flocka (Lol Boys Rmx) (Palms Out Sounds)
10 French Fries Feat. Taiwan – Laquisha (Young Gunz)
11 Lol Boys – 123 “Reprise” (Palms Out Sounds)
12 Katy B Feat. Ms Dynamite – Lights On (Girl Unit Rmx) (Rinse)
13 Addison Groove – Work It (Forthcoming Swamp81)
14 Dj Sabbo – High As The Sky (Unkown)
15 Terror Danjah – Green Street (Hyperdub)
16 Amerie – One Thing French Fries Rmx (Unkown)

Dub Gabriel

dub gabriel calgary

Excellent live set from Dub Gabriel, flawless selection & mixing… get schooled!

Dub Gabriel Live at the Hi-Fi Club 3.23.11 Calgary (Free Download) by Destroy All Concepts

1. Ill Blu – Meltdown
2. Bert On Beats – Gun Clap
3. Sampology Feat Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci – Fire Monster
4. Bombaman – Look Behind You
5. Dave Nada – Apocalypse Theme (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
6. Rico Tubbs – It Gets No Better (Udachi Remix)
7. The Party Squad – Pull Up
8. Munchi Feat Mr Lexx – Murda Sound
9. Ben & Lex – Ruffnecks (Terry Hooligan Remix)
10. Foamo & Randomer – Pull Up
11. Tnt – Hot Gyal (Carl Arm! Remix)
12. Warrior One – Lord Of Bashy (Douster Remix)
13. Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Drop Acid (Will Bailey Remix)
14. Udachi Feat Short Stories – Stumble (The Living Graham Bond Remix)



Ahu’s tune To:love, a delicious slice of wonkysoul, has been on heavy rotation in my earphones for months now (grab it for free here: Ahu – To:love) – so I was pretty stoked to come across this mix from her, showcasing post-future-wonky-soulful beats of all kinds. Not a massively impressive mix here in technical terms, but an excellent selection with some real gems in there – Rockwell’s Underpass was a new one on me and a definite highlight.

Ahu – Sunsplash Festival Mix by alexchase

1 – Actress – Always Human – Honest Jons
2 – Jimmy Edgar – New Touch ( Jacques Greene Rmx ) – !K7
3 – Kode 9 – Love Is The Drug – Hyperdub
4 – James Blake – Footnotes – R&S
5 – James Blake – I Mind – Atlas
6 – Mosca – Tilt Shift – Fat City
7 – Rockwell – Underpass – Brownswood
8 – LV & Untold – Beacon ( Mount Kimbie Rmx ) – Hemlock
9 – Dimlite – Gone – o – Tron – Now Again
10 – Bibio – Excuses – Warp
11 – James Pants – Clouds Over Pacific – Stones Throw
12 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How can U love me – TSoSN
13 – Letherette – Blad – Brownswood
14 – Illy Santana – Transborder – ( Letherette Rmx) – Eskimo
15 – Shigeto – Primitive Instinct ( Om Unit Rmx ) – Cdr
16 – Robot Koch – Ideas – Project Mooncircle
17 – Hey Zeus – 2 am but not ? – ?
18 – Ahu – To : Love ( Tightface Rmx ) – Cdr
19 – Starkey – Paradise – ( Rudi Zygadlo Rmx ) – Civil

MoOmbah-Ton – Kate Middle-Ton (SWAGG!)


It’s all coming today….!

Maybe one of the most infectious and addictive Moombahton tracks I’ve heard thus far with huge potential for worldwide cross-over appeal.  Perfect top of the pop charts fodder and squarley directed at that market!

I <3 it! Pure fun and smiles!

Ok, purists are gong to say it’s a lil’ gimmicky too but what the hell music would be a bit boring without gimmicks.  Besides, c’mon man, it could be argued that the actual creation of Moombahton accidentally arose from a gimmick but who’s laughing now!!!!

Here’s the vid and I think the title track has had to be changed from Kate Middleton to “Taking Over the Dancefloor” cause Buckingham Palace probably sent Nadia Oh a letter from the Queen.  Not a noice one either!




Been into this band for about 4 years now. Been one of my favourite bands for 4 years now. Still producing uniqueness and quality after 4 years now and rocking stages worldwide.

So get with it, if you were too dopey not to have purchased this first time round, pat yourself on the back now for your accidental stupidity, for it has reaped you some benefit for the first time in your life cause you get this album now for freeee!

They have just let loose on one of their CLASSIC albums and made it available for free download! An opportunity that is simply unmissable plus it includes a Bassnectar remix too!!!!!

Beats Antique are all about:

experimental electronic gypsy world music big beat blues dubstep egyptian electronic electronica experimental hip hop middle eastern orchestral world

Watch some gorgeous vid:

One of my all time favourite tracks:

Grab the AWESOME album here:

3/30 Ashland Armory  Ashland, OR*
3/31 McDonald Theatre  Eugene, OR*
4/1  The Showbox at the Market  Seattle, WA*
4/2  Wonder Ballroom  Portland, OR*
4/5  The Depot  Salt Lake City, UT
4/6  Belly Up Aspen  Aspen, CO
4/7  Samana Lounge  Vail, CO
4/8  Boulder Theater  Boulder, CO
4/9  Granada Theatre  Lawrence, KS
4/11 Zydeco  Birmingham, AL*
4/12 Varsity Theatre  Baton Rouge, LA*
4/14 The Engine Room  Tallahassee, FL*
4/15 New Earth Music Hall  Athens, GA*
4/16 Orange Peel  Asheville, NC*
4/19 The National  Richmond, VA*
4/20 North Star Bar  Philadelphia, PA*
4/21 9:30 Club  Washington, DC*
4/22 Bourbon Street Ballroom  Baltimore, MD*
4/23 Brooklyn Bowl  Brooklyn, NY*
4/26 Daniel Street  Milford, CT
4/27 Higher Ground  South Burlington, VT
4/28 Middle East Downstairs  Boston, MA
4/30 Pearl Street  Northampton, MA
5/3  Grog Shop  Cleveland Heights, OH
5/4  Headliners Music Hall  Louisville, KY
5/5  2720  St. Louis, MO
5/6  Miramar Theatre  Milwaukee, WI
5/7  Majestic Live  Madison, WI
6/18 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO w/ Bassnectar



4/29 Nocturnal Festival Apache Pass,TX
5/20-22 Hangout Music Fest  Gulf Shores, AL
5/27-29 Bella Music Fest  Geneva, MN
5/27-30 Lightning in a Bottle  Silverado, CA
6/2-5 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
6/9-12  Bonnaroo Manchester, TN
6/30-7/3 Electric Forest  Rothbury, MI
6/30-7/3 High Sierra Musical Festival, Quincy CA
7/14-17 All Good Music Festival  Masontown, WV
11/11-13 Bear Creek Music & Art Festival  Live Oak, FL

Introducing Future Beatsmiths: this week ft. Koreless and Telfort

There have been some huge releases from Scottish artists over the past couple of years, most notably from big hitters like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Here we have a selection of top quality tunes from a couple of Scottish based producers that are currently breaking through with their own take on bass music.


Now working out of Glasgow, Irish born Koreless releases his first EP on Pictures Music this week. He’s making a real name for himself at the moment by creating some of the most melodic, paired back, soulful soundscapes your likely to hear. This boy is about to explode, check him out:

MTI by Koreless

4D by Koreless

Grab a free track Maria

Go here to purchase the full release Pictures Music


Although Glasgow has been getting all the attention recently, Edinburgh based Telfort is bucking the trend. His latest tune, Telt Mardikh, has a strong Eastern vibe, brought together through super-tight production. Look out for this one dropping later in the year:

Telt Mardikh by Telfort

In the mean time though, he’s fired a free download our way. Enjoy:

Hingmy by Telfort

Farrapo + Yanez = Fresh Electro Samba Beats

Farrpo & Yanez

Farrapo & Yanez – Samborigeno & Oliveto EP is out and imma tell ya, it is unique, fresh, and full of style. The two originals on it are quality samba electro fusions. The Samborigeno track has a phat didgeridoo on it that blends into the samba like a native Brazilian instrument! Yanez vocals on both songs humanizes the already groovy mix of Kuduro Samba and World resulting in a global delight! This music brings in the summer EARLY this year.

Also on the EP, our boi MagaBO with a grimey collaboration with MC Funkero

and the global bass masta, Bert on Beats, just slays it with his sound.

EP is out April 1st on the the danish label UrbanWorld, so do the world a favor, grab this early summer hit and play it out and play it loud!

Link to buy

Label to label

Farrapo & Yanez – Samborigeno & Oliveto EP by UrbanWorld Records

Digg it yo? Here is special gift for our first 100 readers, grab Oliveto free:

– Farrapo & Yanez ft Botecoeletro – Oliveto
by UrbanWorld


from the label:

Farrapo & Yanez started in 2005 when the singer/composer Yanez Servadei and Giorgio Cencetti (DJ Farrapo) decided to mix their experiences and bring up a fresh mix of electro-brazilian music. Several releases later on Afro Art, Tam Tam Studio and Agogo Records, the duo is ready with a release forUrbanWorld Records.

Dj Support:

M.Path.Iq – DeBug
Samborigeno is an original – standing out of everything inbetween world and bass.

Steve – Fort Knox Five
Yet another strong release from UrbanWorld. Pure latin funkiness!

Joyce Muniz
great job!! samborigeno original is my favourite oliveto (thykier rmx) is dope

bert on beats remix got attitude!

thykier remix is sick with the percussion work!