Ok sorry, this is all about me, shameless, I know but how else am I suppose to get these to you?  (try soundcloud you knob…

First up, The Deeeep mUMBbahton SeSSions!  (yeah I know, poxy play on words…ahahahha)

Really been wanting to do a Moombah mix for absolute yonks but there’s so many flying around all using the same tracks, I got put off.  It can’t be helped cause there’s a limited range of source material at present and granted 90% of the mixes would contain more than a handful of Munchi tracks.  So I thought, let’s get rid of Munchi (lol) for a start and go for a different vibe.  Couldn’t get rid of that looney big haired genius, Munchi, so one of his tracks does make it in the end!

Jon Kwest, Obeyah and NYC’s Sabo have been doing some really, really cool DeeeP Moombah stuff and I thought, strange, to my knowledge no-one has yet pieced that stuff together to create a DeeeP Moombah kind of mix. It might be that some peeps have done DeeP Moombah mixes but I’m just not aware of them, if so sorry ManG!

So I thought I’d go for some deeep vybz and so here it is.

A few mistakes here and there but f-k it, you know I can’tbe arsed to make it perfect and I go with the flow, usually first time round, so bear with a few hiccups here and there.

As usual, Pioneer CDJ’s & Mixer, Live/One-take-cut/unmastered!

The DeeeeP mUMBahton SeSSionS (Feb 2011) – DJ UMB by djumb


The DeeeeP mUMBahton SeSSionS!

“Choke me in the shallow waters
Before I get too deep
Don’t let me get too deep”

A mix heavily influenced by the atmosphere and vybz of my boy, JON KWEST, whose tracks define this mix.

Jon Kwest – Soundcloud

Buy his tunage

Also featuring my boys Obeyah, Heartbreak & Munchi

& NYC’s Sabo!

Transnational LuvSTeP


You can download this now too as a post Oscar winning present 🙂

DJ UMB in da mix 4 BBC Friction [With Natalie Portman’s tears….] by djumb

From Transnational LuvSteP 2 Apocalyptic DubSTeP 2 TransnationaL DubSTeP

For Bobby Friction’s BBC Radio Show

Bobby Friction said….

“What a mix……he delivers massively… absolutely brilliant mix”..

1. Intro Shout & Singh (All you need is Love) – Phil Retrospector
2. Soma – Fish Finger & Lokrian (White Label)
3. Opium Lounge – Tears For Monks (Miraja remix) (White Label)
4. Down Like – FLeCK feat. Eski (Generation Bass)
5. Heer – Nuphlo feat. Satnam (?)
6. Sullen Sultry (Knowa Knowone Remix) -ill-esha (White Label)
7. Dance Dance – LH1 (White Label)
8. Accidentally on Purpose – Shem (Generation Bass)
9. Adachigaharas Theme – Original Mix – Shock One (?)
10. Nowhere To Run (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Eskmo (?)
11. The Kabukistep – H3 (We Are Mutants) (White Label)
12. Geisha – Cyberoptix (?)
13. Shiva Step – Barabrix (White Label)
14. Guacha Ft: Natalia Clavier (Broad Rush Rmx) – Son Of Kick (?)
15. Dub Reflex – Celt Islam (Urban Sedated)

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