Yo Yo, wizraeli coming at ya with diverse quality of brilliant sounds from around the world. In this global roundup we got:

Watcha Clan (FR)

Martin Sauvage (FR)

Bunny on Acid (IL)

Gusto Lab and friends (USA)

Canalh (FR)

Stereotyp (AT)

Celt Islam (UK)

David Heartbreak (USA)

Neki Stranac (SRB)

enjoy the selection, feel the love, spread the vibe

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Watcha Clan

Yea people, it is finally here, the new Watcha Clan album is out and it is hot! Here’s one of my favorite tracks from the album. All the tracks are so unique and beautiful, this album will satifisy your soul on many levels!

We Are One by Watcha Clan

“We Are One” prod. by Dj Farhot, from the new album “Radio Babel”

Worldwide download:


tripy cat

Martin Sauvage

This next one is high on my top-10 this month. An epic remix of Nouveau Palais (?) by Martin Sauvage. Grab this tune now! Also be aware, Martin Sauvage is finishing the production of a new E.P that will be released (March) on the new Net Label: , we are waiting for the tracks to be mastered before we bring you a taste of that, in the meantime here is the teaser for the The Introducing EP :

Nouveau Palais-drama (Martin Sauvage remix ) by Martin Sauvage (alternative d/l link: )

tripy alice

Bunny on Acid

Early in 2010, I heard a track by NDV on MadDecent, which got me tracing him to the Israeli label, Botanika. There I found Bunny on Acid (Izik Finley), a wickedly talented producer from Jeruslaem making Bass music in Israel! Sorry folks, Botanika keeps their tracks tight on the downloading, ill try my best to get some samples for the next post! In the meantime, check out his new e.p and I suggest, grab a copy !!

Bunny on Acid – Oxygen (BALUT009) by Botanika

dark atmposheric bass!

Released by: Botanika /
Release/catalogue number: BALUT009
Release date: Feb 28, 2010

Gusto Lab

Check out a quick teaser from this mad collaboration by Gusto Lab, Whiskey Petemc, Suecho, Keith Mackenzie and Dj Fixx
Whiskey Pete & Sue Cho – “Holla If You See Me” (GustoLab vs. Keith Mackenzie & Fixx Original Mix) by GUSTOLAB

My first encouter with Gusto Lab was on the dancefloor. A dj dropped yet another remix of Pon Di Floor, but this one took me for a spin! After exchanging some words with dj milkman, I learned the remix was done by the GustoLab crew from new york.
Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (WinkSound & GustoLab Remix) by GUSTOLAB

tripy india

download this sick 2011 mix by Gusto right here and right now:

Gustolab – All You Need 2011 Mix by GUSTOLAB

this guy is going to explode!!! one more top selection for free download (WAV) 😛
Night Dance (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by GUSTOLAB (alternative d/l link

if you can come up with a genre this fits under, plz write the name in the comments after this post!!

canalh du nomadisme


This mix has such good taste, and such good past, that it results in an excellent globalbass showcase. See, unlike some genres that you can slam just slam hard, with WorldBeat you must show respect to the cultural elements of each tune to make it work. Some are subtle some are intense and all of them must be integrated as one. Seriously, if you ask me, DJs like Canalh should be in charge of World politics because they really get it, they really understand how to create one out of many without silencing any voices. Quite the opposite, they create the space for everyone to be heard 😛 Another classic mix from our man Canalh.
Canalh – Du nomadisme by Canalh [kanaj]


stereotyp mix tape 2011

nearly missed this one, thanks Stefen for posting it on the Generation Bass facebook wall: , download it straight to the music player!! Massive cuts on this one.

Stereotyp a.k.a Mr.Stereo – the Goodie Bag mixtape 2011 by CRUNCHTIME ™

big things are coming from Crunchtime in 2011!

DaMN 3 toppa di top mixes in a row, are you ready for more?

tripy again

Celt Islam

new killer transnational dubstep track by Celt Islam

ReNeGaDe by CeLt IsLaM Feat DaWoUd KRiNgLe by Celt Islam

Va Transnational Dubstep vol.2 is on the rise!!

ned trip

let’s finish up with 2 fun moombahton mixes of Alors on Dance in case you missed them in previous posts!

David Heartbreak

Stromae Alors on Dance( This is Heartbreak’s Remix) Unofficial by David Heartbreak

NEKI STRANAC at 2.27 10 days ago
danse! cool, deep vybez! you were right, sounds way different than my edit 🙂 cheers!

Neki Stranac

Alors On Danse (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – Stromae vs. Artistic Raw by NEKI STRANAC

download link:

David Heartbreak at 1.25 11 days ago
Good stuff.. I flipped this sample 3 weeks ago haha.. I was saving for my M5 ep.. mine is completely different but you are moving in the right direction… good work!!

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