Sometimes you must tire of my shiit and so here it is straight from the horse’s mouth:

Ventrilocuos Mudos


I am Sauka from Argentina I’m Hip-Hop producer for over 15 years.

Ventrilocuos Mudos (Dumb ventriloquist) is my alternative music project, where I produce baile funk, moombahton, cumbia and other rhythms.  I am a follower of your blog.

Sorry for the translation, I did it with google.

Johny Saliva – Cucumelo Vencido (El Perro Tito Mix) by Ventrilocuos Mudos

Celso Piña – Cumbia Sobre el Rio (El Perro Tito Mix) by Ventrilocuos Mudos

Ventrilocuos Mudos – Mr Chasman by Ventrilocuos Mudos

Ventrilocuos Mudos – Putaria (Montagem) by Ventrilocuos Mudos

Ventrilocuos Mudos – Tamborzao (Montagem) by Ventrilocuos Mudos


And so Sauka introduced himself, now allow  Kingtekzz to do so too.


I would like to give thanks to all my listeners for taking time to listen to my tracks.

Tekz, I am a producer from Dallas, Tx. I have been making songs a little over a year now and I can say I’ve come farther than I have expected. Again thank you for listening to my tracks Its appreciated. Have a nice day.

And here’s what he wrote to me:

What are the qualifications to be featured on the page? I have tracks on my page i would like the be have featured

Qualification is, man if it’s good and we like it and you don’t pester us too much, we’ll post

Wave Of The Future [Cumbia Tribal Mix 2011] by kingtekzz

Minimal Cumbia by kingtekzz

El Sonido De La Muerte [Cumbia Tribal] [Unmastered] by kingtekzz

That New Shit! [Cumbia Tribal] by kingtekzz

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