Happy Wednesday folks! You guys have been pretty quiet for the past month or so, now suddenly this week you be blowin up my inbox with mixes! So if you’ve sent us a mix & not heard anything back I probably haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, I got quite a backlog going on. Anyway on with this week’s mixxxes, we got reggaeton from DJ Amo, dubstep / boombahcero / moombahton / filth from Youre_Strooly, an incredible sonic collage from Hidden Orchestra, plus I’ve snuck in a bonus little ten minute mix from myself… Here we go:

DJ Amo

DJ Amo Mixtape

Nice blend of reggaeton, some quite commercial (there’s a fair few Daddy Yankee tunes on there), some raw & dirty. There’s some real gems in here, highlight tune of this mix for me was Tapu Tapu (El Momento) by Jowell Y Randy Ft De La Ghetto with its sinister strings and wonky vocal hook which is all wrong in all the right ways, I’ve had that on heavy rotation since listening to this mix, but the whole thing is worth checking out

2.Alexis & Fido – Eso Ehh (Blend)
3.Plan B – Freakitona (Blend)
4.Daddy Yankee – Gangsta Zone (Blend)
5.Franco ”El Gorila” Ft. Jadiel – Para Bajarte (Blend)
6.Cochinola – Chochinar
7.Don Chezina – Tra,Tra,Tra (Blend)
8.Rakim y ken y – Down (Blend)
9.Yaviah – Contacto (Blend)
10.Wisin Y Yandel – Ahora Es (Blend)
11.Wisin & Yandel – Rakata (Blend)
12.Alexis Y Fido – Subete (Blend)
13.R. Kelly – Burn It Up (Blend)
14.Notch – Ay Que Bueno (Blend)
15.Yomo Ft. Wisin Yandel – Descara (Blend)
16.OG Black & Guayo – Bugutu
17.DJ Nelson – El Americano
18.Daddy Yamkee – Aqui Esta Tu Caldo (Blend)
19.Zion & Lennox – Yo Voy (Blend)
20.Don Omar – Dile
21.Jowell y Randy ft. De La Ghetto – Tapu Tapu
22.John Eric Ft. Voltio – Bumpea
23.Cosculluela ft Nardo Ranks – Prrum (Remix)
24.Daddy Yankee – Intenso
25.Don Omar – Hasta Abajo
26.Daddy Yankee – Descontrol
27.Daddy Yankee – Machucando
28.Tito El Bambino Ft. Zion y Lennox – Mi Cama Huele a Ti
29.De La Ghetto – Es Dificil (Blend)
30.Alexis Fido Ft. Baby Ranks – Tiburon (Blend)
31.Tito El Bambino Featuring Randy – Siente El Boom
32.Tito El bambino – Caile
33.Don Omar – Dale Don Dale
34.Las Guanabanas – Bien Bellaca
35.Angel y Khriz – Na De Na
36.Daddy Yankee – Pose
37.Don Omar – Virtual Diva (Blend)
38.Don Omar – Salio El Sol (Blend)
39.Notch – V.I.P (GetBback)
40.Brazil Street Party Break
41.Pitbull – Calle Ocho (Blend)
42.Yomo Ft Sito Rock – Besho (Remix)
43.DJ Nelson – Run Forrest Run
44.Black Point Ft. Sensato – WataGataPitusBerry


Strooly Sessions 3

Youre_Struly, member of Witches – who Umb featured a few weeks ago – turned in this filthtastic mix… Starting off with some heavy dubstep pressure, through boombahcero & moombahton and back round into dubstep. The drop at 49:53 – Bratkilla’s Love and Care – goes so far beyond filthy it’s not even funny. According to Dubsilo (where you can get the tune for free) Bratkilla is only 12 years old, but surely that’s gotta be either a joke or a typo, if not I think it’s time to call in the psychiatrist, there’s some serious eveil floating around in that mind… Overall great mix, though I’d say the DJ name needs work… 🙂

VoodooVillage Presents :: Strooly Sessions III by voodoo village

1) Kromestar – Stranger (Strooly’s Dundatta Edit)
2) Soap Dodgers – Machines
3) Torqux – Feel It Too
4) MRK 1 – Cardiac Arrest
5) Lank, KirKus, Sluggo – We Kill Everything
6) Bombaman – Diminished Separation
7) Orion – My Feelings (Orion Edit)
8) Orion – Hocus Pocus (Orion Edit)
9) Oliver Twizt ft Maluca – Loca (Melo Boombahchero Edit)
10) Oliver Twizt ft Maluca – Loca (Melo Moombahton Edit)
11) Datski – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)
12) Heartbreak – Sweet Shop
13) Witches – Bird Dance (Moombahton Edit)
14) Witches – Bird Dance (Cumbia Edit)
15) Krueger & Copout – Gone
16) Keegan Dewit – Two Hearts (Myrryrs Remix)
17) Tanlines – Real Life (marceauXmarceaux rework)
18) Slap & Dash – None of Dem Then (Paul Marmota Remix)
19) Witches – Lick It (Preview)
20) Witches – Sanbenito (Strooly VIP)
21) Helicopter Showdown – The Wrestler (feat. Sluggo)
22) Point Blank – Brutal (Coresyntax Remix)
23) Dodge & Fuski – Do Not Fck With Us
24) Bratkilla- Love and Care
25) Gravediggaz – 1-800-SUICIDE (Strooly’s Witchstep Remix)

Hidden Orchestra

Hidden Orchestra

Via Paris DJs, this is an incredible studio mix, almost radiophonic, its an invitation to other DJs out there to step up your game! One for listening rather than dancing, but it bears repeated close listening, Hidden Orchestra has really created something special here

DOWNLOAD: Hidden Orchestra – Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape

00.00 Antiphon – Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
02.04 Dream of a Strange Land (by Graham Greene) – read by Hugh Burden (Talking Tape Co.)
05.40 Thograinn Thograinn (Joe Acheson refix) – MacMaster/Hay (MacMaster/Hay)
07.15 El Presidente (acapella) – Jeru the Damaja (Red Urban Music)
09.21 Strange – Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
10.08 (anonymous Ukrainian song) – recorded by Matt Thompson in Kiev 2004
12.49 Outi’s Favourite Sound – interview in Jyvaskyla 2009
15.20 Longevity (acapella) – J-Live (Groove Attack)
15.21 Les Gardes Volent au Secours du Roi – Jean-Claude Vannier (Finders Keepers)
15.45 Jean-Claude – Slepton & Public (Double Dope)
16.09 Musst Musst (Joe Acheson refix) – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Real World)
17.15 Suicide Murder (acapella) – Bounty Killer feat. Jeru the Damaja (Massive B)
21.32 The Mast – Araya (Benbecula)
22.32 The Pit and the Pendulum (by Edgar Allan Poe) – read by Christopher Lee (Listen For Pleasure)
23.57 What Does Your Soul Look Like (pt.3) – DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
25.18 Open Spaces – Jonny Greenwood (Nonesuch)
26.05 Tired & Awake – Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
30.01 Ganky – Christ. (Benbecula)
30.49 Between Two Worlds (by Yolanda Pupo-Thompson) – BBC R3 drama feat. Owen Teale
31.26 Minor Down (remix of Benjamin Dauer) – Mrs Jynx (Planet Mu)
32.02 The Royal Game (by Stefan Zweig) – BBC R3 drama feat. Paul Rhys
32.29 Joyous Insolence – Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
35.09 Sidewinders – Sixtoo (Ninja Tune)
36.27 Flying Officer – Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
37.56 Birds of Prey – Architeq (Tirk)
38.06 Moviedrome pt.2 (acapella) – Life (Zebra Traffic)
40.33 Samurai – Shurik’n (Delabel)
42.11 We Specialize (acapella) – CL Smooth (Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
42.52 Queens Get the Money – All Natural (All Natural Inc)
43.38 (tribute to Ghandi) – Albert Einstein
45.37 Hideyaface Reprise (Shaolin Finale) (Reminder & Prefuse Notate Small Ensemble Version) – Prefuse 73 (Warp)
45.56 (Shout) – Tajai
47.13 Old Molly Metcalfe – Jake Thackray (EMI)
47.21 River Man (Joe Acheson refix) – Nick Drake (Island)
48.03 Nude (acapella) – Radiohead (XL)
50.45 Changes – Lost Twin (Throw Some Shapes)
53.20 Chewing on Glass – Sixtoo (Ninja Tune)
54.24 Rehearsal of Mozart’s Symphony no.36 (Joe Acheson refix) – Bruno Walter conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Philips)
56.18 Dance of Death (Joe Acheson refix) – The Galactic Light Orchestra (Polydor)
56.39 Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix) – DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
57.34 Building Steam from a Grain of Salt – DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
59.15 Live at Spike (acapella poetry recital) – Kate Tempest
61.54 Blah (Moph Refix) – TY in interview with Emily Towers
62.28 Elders (Wadadda Refix) – The Clouds (Jahtari)
63.39 Babylon – Mungo’s Hi Fi (Scrub-a-Dub)
64.08 Glory Box (acapella) – Portishead (Go! Beat)
67.47 Terror Planet – Truth (Aquatic Lab)
68.28 Moviedrome pt.1 (acapella) – Life (Zebra Traffic)
69.51 The Book of Right-On (Wadadda ‘Shallow Refix’) – Joanna Newsom (Drag City)
72.25 Devious Dan – Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
73.48 Undergrowth – Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
78.49 Between Two Worlds – feat. Owen Teale and Sandy Grierson


Bonus! a little ten minute mix from myself (including that Jowell Y Randy tune from DJ Amo’s mix, told you it was on heavy rotation)

Tracklist & download link here: andykisaragi dutty mini mix


  1. Thanks so much for the feature guys. And yes…I know my name sucks….I suppose it’s time for a change. Even Andy mispelled it in the writeup haha. Much love!

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