Ok ManG, you were all luvved up earlier on and so now you ready to shake that booty 2 some MoombahTon and also headbang 2 some MoombahCore!

Direct Feed


Direct Feed is from Long Beach, USA and he just got into Moobahton!

Dada Life – Unleash The F’ing Dada (Direct Feed Moombahton mix) by directfeed

Sidney Samson – Panorama (Direct Feed Moombahton mix) by directfeed

El Nomada

This dude. I initially discovered doing DrumST3P, but he’s yet another Generation Bass convert to all tings Moombahton and Mombahcore.

Bless Up Generation Bass 🙂

Awesome mixage!

Mumbathon Mix By El Nomada by Nomada on Mixcloud

Danger Girl


You know when I first encountered Danger Girl she was on a secret Dubstep mission and now she’s been dangerously converted via our goodselves, and Munchi of course, to all tings Moombahcore and that pleases me!

We brainwash people and so watch out…………..YOU, Kid, could be Next!

more more moombahcore! by Danger-Girl

Justice- Genesis (DJBR Moombahton Remix)
Emalkay- When I look at you (Heartbreak’s I love Moombahcore Remix)
Hyper Crush- Ayo (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
Knight Riderz- Party Alarm (Wyld Stallyns moombahton edit)
Lightning EyeZ- Hold it Against My Moombahbone feat. Britney Spears vs. Milkman – Breaking Free (Lightning EyeZ Organic Raw Vegan Gluten & Dairy Free Hemp Seed Remix)
Pacheko- 930 (sonora moombahcore remix)
Chase & Status- Eastern Jam (Moombahtron Moombahcore remix)
House of Pain- Jump Around (Sabo’s Moombahstep Edit of Jansten’s dubstep remix)
Heartbreak- King kong
Datsik- Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)
Doctor P- Sweet Shop(Heartbreak’s MM2 Moombahcore remix)
Joker- It ain’t got a name (Orion Remix)
Doctor P- Big Boss (Cam Jus moombahcore remix)
Sonora- Respire
Magnetic Man- MAD (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
Bassanovva- Chicken Lover (Munchi Likes Em Fried Moombahton Remix)
Busta Rhymes- Touch It (Freqnik Moombah Mix)
Sub Swara feat. Lyrics Born- Fire it Up (Guacho Maje Moombahcore remix)
TC- Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix – Munchi’s Kinda Agressive Right Now Moombahcore Rmx)
Redlight- Get Stupid (Moombahtron’s Remix)
Cajmere- Percolator (Major Lazer’s Percumajor remix BOYFRIEND edit)
Sabo- Jesus Creates Moombahton
Heartbreak- Shy Day

DJ Javier Estrada


Munchi is BIG HAIR and Javier is BIG MAN.  Never met the dude but boy he looks MASSIVE on the photo’s standing next to people, especially those pretty lil’ Mexican chica’s 🙂

His forthcoming EP is still being fermented at Genertaion Bass Labs and so good things come to those who wait!

Decent attempt at MToN!

Sofilla Beaveretta – Javier Estrada – Sunshine (Rmx) by djjavierestrada

Lieders of the New School


I hope they don’t mind me saying this but dudes drop that ‘orrible name.  I nearly fell asleep just trying to say it!

Lieder Soft or something different would sound so much better as that name you have at present is one helluva mouthfull.  But don’t mind me, you can tell me to go and F-K myself..ahahahha

Love this track though, awesome shiit!

Great track BUT ……you Give LOVE a BAD NAME!..ahahahhah




Watch out for these dudes, I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED.

These 2 tracks ROCK!

I stuck the first track on my recent DeeeP Moombahton Mix!

Michel Cleis – Litoral (Ben Tactic Moombahton Edit) by Tactic

Mastiksoul – El Macho (Ben Tactic Moombahton Edit) *D/L link in description* by Tactic

Charles Cutlass


Another Doctor P moombahcore but man it’s good, so don’t stress.


Sazon Booya


What can you say about the GodFather of Moombahton, Dave Nada, that has not already been said?

Luv & Hate!

Nevermind what others say, here’s what he says:

Brand new moombahton heat courtesy of Sazon Booya. Big up on the Mon Rivera sample.



Sazon Booya – “lluvia” (Moombahton) by davenada

Thomas Blondet


Here’s Thomas in a less Luvved up mode.

Jeez, we missed this one, done over 4 months ago!

Mugwanti MoombahTom Rehab Mix by Thomas Blondet



I came across these guys ages ago and blogged them on their aweseome dubstep tunage, originally it was Philphy B alone but now they’re a duo.

We inspired them onto some DrumST3P and now we’ve seemingly inspired them onto some Moombahton.  That’s inpiration Pal!

Whatever they do is always A CLASS – QUALITY!

Trowa – Headhunter (Original Mix) by TROWA


  1. Hehe this is the second time I’ve featured on here.. awesome! 😉 (I really need to get a better djing photo.. sorry, that one isn’t very smiley!)

    Apologies Broken Record, I will retag that track on my soundcloud asap!

    Hoping to get another mix recorded one day but unfortunately, although me and my family survived Christchurch’s recent 6.3 earthquake.. sadly, (along with a fair bit of other stuff) the Macbook that I share with WUBzilla has not. We are hoping that it will be repairable and we will be able to retrieve our music and photo collection.. unfortunately we just don’t have the available funds to purchase another one just at the moment. 🙁

    Dedicating this mix to the lovely people that we have sadly lost in this horrific disaster..

    Much love

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