Cottonmouth alongside peeps like FJH are some of the hardest working peeps I know on soundcloud, meticulously messaging everybody they know on an individual basis asking them to check out their sounds and comment on their tracks.

I’m not a fan of this approach as I find it annoying and a bit spam like but at least for them it gets peeps tuning into their tunes.

Cottonmouth has done a great deal of tunage in the past and most of it has been received remarkably well but I’ll be honest with you, I was never that impressed by it.

But I”m completely BLOWN AWAY by this track.  Does remind me a lot of the Son of Kick track “Guacha” and so it’s not totally original but man it sounds DOPE and so HUGE props from me on this one!

Awesomeness and one of the Transnational Dubstep tracks/remixes of the year thus far!

N.O.H.A. – Pijama (Cottonmouth Mid-Tour Giveaway Remix) by Cottonmouth

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