Brazil is huge country, with big diversifity of cultures, music, people and everthing you can imaginete. Even to brazilians people, there is some many stuff that we don’t or don’t discovery yet, that only God can knew everthing. In this post we’ll show a new stuff of techobrega. This new style that Dj Cremoso show to the world as second brasilian eletronic music and we all love their stuff, and we’ve a lot of interst in fresh and good stuff as Dj Cremoso Productions.

Here comes the Jaloo. A brazilian producer from Belém – Pará (land of techonobrega) who are re-constructing the technobrega in some few remix of eletronic music as M.I.A. At first time i heard and said: “omg, this is some pos-modern music” because is a new and fresh stuff, that even us Brazilian has heard.So, let’s stop talking about it and show it for yourself:

M.I.A – Boyz (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Rihanna – Rude Brega (Jaloo Remix) by jaloo

Jaloo – Tribo by jaloo

Pwolf – Wolves (Jaloo remix) by jaloo

Jaloo feat. Alecxis Ferrí – Canção Branca by jaloo

Laputa Volta by jaloo

(This img is to you, who still thinking that in Brazil just have Indios…..well there is a few)

Bonus Set:

NOMATO! by jaloo



Dj Cremoso

DJ Cremoso still alive and producing! Here go the last mixtape:
Dj Cremoso – O Baile Resolvido by Dj Cremoso




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