1. L-Wiz

2. Hyetal

3. Broad Rush

4. Ashes

5. Engine Earz Experiment

6. Heyoka

7. Thorn On A Rose

8. DubzILLa

9. H3 (We Are Mutants)

10. David Starfire

11. FLeCK

12. Hot Mess

13. Flore

14. Sub Philo Music Group

17. C.R.S.T.



Let’s start off with something from Joker’s label, Kapsize.

Ferretti has covered this dude in the past and I think it’s ok.  Doesn’t quite do what Joker’s own stuff does for me but it ain’t too bad. Defintely worth investigating.

L-Wiz “Straightjacket / 4.42 OZ” Kapsize :: KAP006 by Multiverse

Here’s what the label says:

Kapsize kick start 2011 with 2 fresh cuts from a new label artist: L-Wiz. While L-Wiz is new to Kapsize, the Swedish duo are in no way new to the dubstep scene – drawing attention with killer tracks like ‘Girl From Codeine City’ and the classic ‘Girlfriend’, the production pair have been making high quality dubstep tracks since the early 2004-5 days, even launching the first ever release on Dub Police! It is with pleasure that we announce ‘Straitjacket’ and ‘4.42 Oz’ find a home on Kapsize!

Keeping in the spirit of Joker’s own melodic productions, L-Wiz take a different angle from their previous output – pushing layer after layer of perfectly produced synth lines in harmonic syncracy. ‘Straitjacket’ is the more dancefloor focussed of the two cuts, with a sleazy, low-slung take on the ‘purple’ sound we all know and love at Kapsize – while keeping it heavily weighted to provide bass fans with plenty of satisfactory rumble! Flip for the equally melodic ‘4.42 Oz’ which takes a more relaxed approach in vibe, taking things in a futuristic direction while simultaneously referencing the past. Beautifully produced elegant music that you will keep coming back to.

DJ support from everyone from Skream to Plastician, Martyn to 2562 as well as of course being a main staple in Joker’s own sets last year.

Buy Now :: Physical

Buy Now :: Digital



This is pretty gorgeous, check it out!

Hyetal – Diamond Islands by Black Acre Records

Broad Rush


Came across Broad Rush when he did that great remix for Son of Kick on Guacha.

Here’s some great remixes of commercial tunes including Marilyn Manson.

Broad Rush – Remix vol.1 by Broad Rush

Download here:



We stuck a great remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Grapevine” track by this dude some time ago.

He’s back with a few new numbers.

Ashes & Dialect – Burning by Ashes

Bassmentality Demo by Ashes

Engine Earz Experiment


Engine Earz showing a bit more of what’s to come from their debut album.

They Live [CLIP] by Engine-EarZ Experiment



Always loved this track and the JuKeS did a storming version of this too, on my and/or Mr Pozorek’s soundcloud.

Here’s another great version.

Heyoka – Comanche remix by Heyoka
Thorn On A Rose


A decent refix of this track.

Watch out for OFFICIAL Skrillex Moombahcore, you betta believe it!

Skillex-cinema (Thornholio Glitchstep rmx) by THORN ON A ROSE(Dj N*TRO)



A good remix of an ok track!

NiT GriT- Babylon (DubzILLa Remix) competition entry. Details in description. by DubzILLa

H3 (We are Mutants)


Not as infectious as some of their earlier works but Malaysia’s answer to brostep are still churning them out at pretty decent quality.

The Original is off to Canada for Mastering.. so here’s the remix.

FROM H3’s DEBUT EP ‘Mutant Dub 101’ – TILTED

H3 – Tilted ft Adeline (H3’s Spinning Back Fist Remix) by H3 (We Are Mutants)

David Starfire


David does Britney twice!

Britney Spears-Hold it Against Me (David Starfire Remix) V.2 by davidstarfire



FLeCK does conquer in my book 🙂


Hot Mess


Some Duurty Hot Mess!

Initiation (FREE Download!) by HotMess



A really wobbly remix of our favourite Gal, Flore!

Flore ft Joyce Muniz & ThaiStylee – Pum Pum Gal (Absurd Wobbleton Remix) by Flore

Sub Philo Music Group


Dev79 – In Grain We Trust (Promo Preview) by SubPhiloMusicGroup

Dev79, Philly’s Street Bass kingpin, unleashes his long awaited slab of future garage called “In Grain We Trust” on Sub Philo Music this month. Sub Philo is a quickly rising bass music label, known for their releases featuring the likes of DZ, Tomb Crew, Defunct!, Bombaman, Zeppy Zep and label owner Thrills. On this track Dev79 takes a classic reggae sample and flips it into an evolving track that takes influence from UK funky and 2-step but maintains a sound uniquely its own. The remixes by Pacheko, Thrills and Tony Rocky Horror expand upon these ideas further to round a diverse package of bangers that will rock all kinds of dancefloors!

Philadelphia’s brazen Dev79, aka Gair Marking, has been bangin’ out the underground sounds for years. With an almost reckless abandon he attacks a barrage of genres (from UKG to Grime to Tropical to Dubstep to Rap and whatever the fuck else) to create his spin on the Street Bass style. He’s done recent remixes for +Verb, Raffertie, DZ, Starkey, BD1982, Gobs the Zombie, Guttstar, Mestizo, Dmn Days, and is soon to present a mixtape for up and coming r&b/reggae singer Sheba as well as working on a collab EP with Seattle’s Thrills (Sub Philo Music). Dev79 and Starkey are the masterminds behind the Seclusiasis empire and Street Bass Anthems series, as well as the Slit Jockey Records imprint with partner El Carnicero.

Free Remix:
Dev79 – In Grain We Trust (Thrills Remix) – Sub Philo Music Group (320MP3)



A flava of what’s upcoming from my favourite Welshmen, sounds dope.

C.R.S.T – Forever After (Deep Thrills) by C.R.S.T

Release date: 10/04/11 Via ‘Deep Thrills’


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