You know ATCR know all about reality and this is a very sad story man.

Some injustice needs to be redressed here, please share this!

Here’s what they say:

This track is to make aware of the unjustified actions of a police officer in Seattle. On August 20, 2010 a woodcarver by the name of John T Williams was shot 4 times by officer Ian Birk who was not criminally charged by law enforcement

Woodcarver by A Tribe Called Red

The VID:



This video was cut short. In the next minute or two, the whole police force lined up single file to approach “the suspect”. They had a designated shooter picked out, and told him to “shoot him again if need be”. They left the guy lay shot & bleeding for THREE MINUTES before approaching him!! Coward murderers.

It took about 2 minutes to get 5 police cars and 2 bike cops on the scene. Does it make you nervous to have this many trigger happy killers just sitting around with nothing to do??


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