Finally, a Toy Selectah release on Mad Decent. Man this took some time!! We were expecting a Toy release on MD yonks ago but at least now it is here and so better late than never.

Obviously, Toy’s influence of introducing new underground genres to the Transnational Dance scene cannot be understated or overlooked. It is questionable whether Nu Cumbia would have happened without him at the helm, years ago. Same for 3ball/Tribal Guarachero’s introduction to the USA and Europe, down to Toy. Not to mention all the work he did for Universal Music South America and his own band Control Machete and of course Reggaeton etc etc.

So he is one of the Godfather’s without any doubt!

You know Toy does not get enough recognition for all of this and you know sometimes, it’s only good manners and polite (like your good momma taught you) that you give credence to those who influence and innovate!

It’s always the INSECURE types that never give any credence to where it’s due but who are they kiddin’

Anyway, the EP does not disappoint and is a killa, taking in a host of sub-genres invented by Toy that will be doing the rounds in due course, just be sure to credit him!

Here’s a mini-mix of the EP:

Toy Selectah- Mex Machine EP Minimix by maddecent

Here’s what the Mad Decent Press Release says:

1) Sonidero Compay feat. DJ Blass
2) Ani Riddim feat. Mumdance
3) La Ravertona
4) No Pasma feat. Isa GT
5) Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit
6) El Sabanero Raver
7) Sonidero Compay (Sheeqo Beat 3BallMTY Remix)
8) Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit (Bonus Beats)

Toy Selectah is a certified legend in the world of Latin music. He was one of the founders of the massively influential hip hop en Español group Control Machete out of Monterrey, Mexico. These guys went 9x platinum in South America. He then became a key A&R at the Universal label Machete Music and helped usher reggaeton’s global takeover in the mid 2000s.

For the past couple of years he’s been a touring dj, killing parties with his distinct vision of dance music, and doing big work as a producer and remixer (with Calle 13, Buraka Som Sistema, Vampire Weekend, Morrisey, Manu Chao & way more).

Although he’s become primarily known for cumbia, Toy’s sound references his whole history and a wide swath of global bass movement. This mixup makes for about 4 genres that only exist in Toy’s head, and each track on the Mex Machine EP gives us a new angle on that world.

Preview the EP      HERE
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Pre-order the 12″ vinyl HERE

Grab a free Waya Waya remix:

Toy Selectah-Sonidero Compay (Waya Waya Remix) by maddecent

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