Welcome back to part 2:

1. GoldRush
2. NastyNasty
4. Udachi
5. Chris B
6. Stephan Jacobs
7. SouRce
8. Profresher
9. Toro 43
10. Fancy Mike
11. (∆bstract-ONE)



2 cutz to make you feel like Gold and 2 give you a BloodRush!

You can still buy the original Love Hz release from the Generation Bass Shop stocking to all platforms, BeatPort, I-Tunes, Juno, Amazon etc HERE.

TruPlaya [Free DL] by GoldRush

The Levanter [free DL] by GoldRush



Yet another sublime, beautiful, emotional and tear your heart out type of track from one of my favourite producers of the past 18 months and of THE NOW!

Cry your eyes out!

Out Here (original mix) by NastyNasty



No breaks on our spacey ship!!! We continue our wild ride with a fuckin Monster of a EP.

“This is DEMOKRACY!” Ye i know i also wrote it in the last Message, but really THIS IS DEMOKRACY!

Forget everything you know about futurism synthesizered bleeps. These boys are crazy!!

The EP is so loaded with dirrty punches and sick breaks, it recently deformed my face into a cartoon and made me crying for more of these mindfucking clubkillers.

7 extraterrestrical tunes are waiting to get into your head. Check it! This Baby is a must have!!!

Demokracy – Double Star Ep – Rbxep20 by Robox Neotech





Udachi the Staten Island don of big bass is back with his brand new “Stumble” EP, complete with remixes from dubstep master Flinch, UK based party animals Kry Wolf and The Living Graham Bond.

Already supported by a wealth of DJs including Skream, Roska, and Evol Intent, “Stumble” combines the best of both worlds; beautiful melodic synths and aggressive thumping bass, seamlessly blended together as only Udachi can. The title track features the vocal talents of fellow New-Yorker Short Stories. B-side “Fantastika” provides the EP with an epic upbeat funk filled dubstep/breaks crossover track with twitchy bass and catchy lead riffs that float along a spacey landscape.

Stumble EP by partylikeusrecords

Buy links:


Promo mix:

Stumble Promo Mix by udachi

Adventure Time – Party God (Intro)
Rampage and Nader – Gave You Love [T&A Records]
Telephoned – Hold Me (7″ Mix) [Scion A/V]
Depressed Buttons – Ow! [Maddecent]
Distal – Monroe
Udachi – Stumble ft Short Stories (The Living Graham Bond Remix) [Party Like Us Records]
Symone – Turbotao [Teenage Riot!]
TNT – Hot Gyal [T&A Records]
The Living Graham Bond – Little Dipper [Fat! Records]
Blaqstarr X Seroce X South Rakkas X Carli – Go Get My Gun X Robots Revenge (Udachi Edit)
Kry Wolf – 3001 [Party Like Us Records]
Munchi – Tomma Essa Pora [T&A Records]
Bassanova X SamoSoundBoy – Chicken Lover (Udachi’s Arrested Dev Edit) [Grizzly]
Johnny Love – Sonora (Udachi Remix) [T&A Records]
Blaze Tripp – Vertigo (Hostage Remix) [Top Billin]
Canblaster – Clockworks [Night Shifters]
Myd – Rwall (Samo Soundboy Remix) [Top Billin]
Them Jeans X James Pants X Kid Daytona – Balloons (Udachi’s Paypur n’ Donuts Edit)
O Children – Fault Line (Canblaster Remix) [Deadly People]
Heavyfeet ft Hannah T – Just Fall (Udachi Remix) [Stamp! Beats]
Savage Skulls vs French Fries – Marawa [Enchufada]
Udachi – Stumble ft Short Stories (Kry Wolf Remix) [Party Like Us Records]
Johnny Love – The Switch [T&A Records]
John Roman – Akabna [Idiot House]
Autoerotique – Bubonic [Dim Mak]
Deathface – Blood Rave [Trouble and Bass]
Destroy Disco – Riding High (Dodge and Fuski Remix) [Klub Kids]
Udachi – Fantastika [Party Like Us Records]
Numan – 7th Key (501 Remix) [New State Music]
Kastle X Tempa T – Bring Me Back (my CD rack) (Udachi’s quick edit) [Seclusiasis]
Kry Wolf – Wonga (Sam Tiba Remix)
UFO! – Capp Street [Hot N Heavy Recordings]
Mumdance – Smasher (Mele remix) [Maddecent]
Tony Rocky Horror – Flex Like This
Cataracts – Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)
Udachi – Chemicals ft The Botz [Party Like Us Remix]
GlitchMob – Drive it like you stole it (MC2 & Tambour Battant Remix)
Flux Pavilion X Soulja Boy – I Cant Stop Swag (Udachi diditforthelulz edit)
Dillon Francis & Corey Enemy – I Love You ft CC Sheffield
Adventure Time – Yeah Dawg!
Juiceboxxx X Bassnectar X Pixies X Dillon Francis X Figure X Sue Cho – Where is my Mind, I don’t Care (Udachi’s never been to burning man edit)



Often electronic music producers are life-long geeks who fall in love with technology at the earliest of ages, getting their first taste of technolust on the old Apple IIE playing Oregon Trail in the in elementary school and since never spending more than a few days away from the computer. ChrisB. is different. He never owned a computer until the summer of 2009. But nerds and music fans alike can rest assured that since then, ChrisB. has “been geeking out as much as possible,” as he told earlier this month.

For years Chris played guitar and was a fan of the improvisational jam—Grateful Dead, Phish and Sound Tribe Sector 9. Around the time of realizing the limitations of his guitar, a concurrent realization occurred on the lack of limitations in producing electronic music. Born and raised and still living in Los Angeles, it wasn’t difficult for Chris to find mentors. He became friends with and took pointers from now label mates Sugarpill and Stephan Jacobs and has come into his own as one of the West Coast’s most exciting new talents.

On March 4th, Chris will drop his debut EP “What’s Your Fantasy,” featuring four tracks that are definitely dubstep, yet incorporate melody and a musicality not often associated with the bulk of today’s bass music. Taking a nod from his West Coast compatriots, his tunes incorporate melody, bass, and a taste of hip hop.  Standout track “On the Grind” is the quintessential crunkstepper, with 808 basslines and gangster vocal samples guaranteed to make booties shake. The bulk of the rest also incorporate hard-hitting bass, but with more epic buildups and fairytale sounds that no doubt gave rise to the EP’s title “What’s Your Fantasy,” coming soon to Addictech..

ChrisB. – Whats Your Fantasy EP by Simplify Recordings


Stephan Jacobs


You can say all you want about Stephan Jacobs’ music, or you can let
the numbers do the talking. The L.A.-based DJ/producer has some of the
most popular tracks on the song sharing site and the
track “Blind Dreams,” a collaboration with +Verb, topped the
Soundcloud charts for the most plays in its first week on the site. In
addition, his remixes have garnered similar attention on the site,
regularly getting tens of thousands of plays in a mere few short

A self-proclaimed “music junkie,” Jacobs acquired his first set of
turntables when he was 16 years old. Now 11 years later, he has shared
the stage and the studio with some of the biggest names in the game. A
welcome addition to the Simplify Recordings roster, alongside
contemporaries Sugarpill, Chris B., Ill-Esha and Samples, to name a
few, Jacobs is creating some of the most cutting edge,
multi-genre-spanning electronic music today. He incorporates elements
of uptempo dubstep, glitch-hop, house and sexy female vocal samples to
create his own unique sound of West Coast crunk that keeps fans
smiling and dance floors moving.

These sounds will soon be made available via the release of the
six-track EP, In the Vortex. Three of these tracks include a signature
sexy female vocal, while the other three are instrumental. The drums,
bass and melodies in each and every track have multiple, often
intricate, complex and crunchy layers. There’s no “boom bap” here;
snares and kicks are often replaced by lazers, claps and synth sounds.
And while the overall sound of the EP is no doubt futuristic, some of
the synths are reminiscent of 80s Herbie Hancock, ala “Axle F.”.

Stephan Jacobs – In The Vortex EP (BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE TUESDAY, MARCH 8TH!) by Simplify Recordings



Ok-ish stuff from this dude, the second track is DOPE!

Can You Feel It? by SouRce

Fascia by SouRce



Really, really dope tunage here, voyage material!

Been listening to this dude for a wee bit now, xcellent driving/thinking material!

Tea, Tunes, Tulips, & Tantra by Profresher



Not new to the blog, stuck him on Dubstep Monday with some sublime stuff and now here with an AWESOME purple flava’d track!

Lavanda Summa by Toro 43

Fancy Mike


The good folks at The Peppermill  introduced me to this dude amongst some others who I’ll be covering on another seperate feature soon.

I’m diggin’ these flava’s a lot!

Ramachandran by fancymike

Lazer Opera by fancymike

Hipster Crack by fancymike



New one from this dude, a whole album of great stuff for free to accompany you on your voyage into outer space.

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