Those awash in a sea of Lazer Bass Vybizmo:

1. Hourglass Sea

2. Treekeeper

3. 1990

4. Saturate Records

5. Roux Spana

6. Halp

7. Samples

8. Guttstar

9. Polish Ambassador

10. Jam Jarr

11. +Verb

Hourglass Sea


Here’s my dude again from that Lazer Bass capital of the, not California but BradFord! 🙂

Awesome sounds once again!

Tubbs & Crockett by Hourglass Sea

Live From The Crematorium EP by Hourglass Sea

Download Hourglass Sea HERE



Does he keep Trees? Maybe!

Well, he talks about himself in 3rd person like this and I like his musical vybizmo:

Morgan Splawn is the mind behind Treekeeper, a 19 year-old producer out of Nashville, TN via Bucktown, North Carolina. Drawing influence from artists such as Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Mux Mool, and Pretty Lights.

Treekeeper crafts spacey, yet soulful electronic tracks with an attention to detail that is impossible to ignore. Absorbing inspiration from every corner of culture and subculture,

Congratulationz by Treekeeper

Swagasaurus Rex DEMO by Treekeeper


In first person:

I am 1990. I’m an instrumentalist beat maker from San Jose, Ca.

I like that name, 1990!

Saturate Records


We are really happy to finally pronounce the all free Mega-Ep of heRobust called Albumin!


Roux Spana


J Dilla re-worked in a kinda Flying Lotus Space Lounge Specialz, me likey a lot!

Flying FunKy SpacELounGe Specialz!



Actually sounds like dinosaurs made this music, not meaning, sounding old either.


Halp – BOKKETROT (free 320 download) by HALP.



New kid on the block Ben Samples is quickly making inroads in the Rocky Mountain circuit and on the national map as the fresh new face of Colorado bass. Heavily influenced by nightclubs and the music that moves people inside them, Samples is known for his dance floor hooks and crushing bass remixes. With a slew of releases in the hopper, plus a production schedule that’s seen him remixing artists like Love & Light and +Verb, this young talent is quickly creating a buzz-worthy sound that’s catching notice from some of the scene’s biggest players.

Samples – Skyscraper EP by Simplify Recordings

On the Skyscraper EP, Samples stays true to the style of his huge 2010 single by dropping bombs, eight of them to be exact, on Simplify Recordings. In this collection of lazerbass bangers, Samples incorporates upright bass, kettle drums, and piano along with synthy trance builds and an emo-hop aesthetic—all with a heavy dose of robot stomp—to create one of the most exciting glitch hop and dubstep releases of 2011.



Our dude Andy Kisaragi, our mixtape expert put me onto this, he reckons he sounds like our boy GoldRush.  I think he sounds morelike JokeR though but thanks Andy, this is top quality!

Guttstar pushes musical evolution to the next level with the release of his first EP for 2011 entitled Double Healix. The Burlington, Vermont based producer has risen quickly over the past year with his melodic and edgy signature style of dubstep. These tracks share a futuristic soul theme that will shock out any dance floor into a frenzy while also collaborating nicely with your morning coffee. The essence of tracks like “Decompress” builds from G-Funk soul claps and synthesizers into bone jarring heights of bass while “Panda Dance” warps your sense of time with dizzying melodies- all holding down a similar aesthetic where each track constantly builds and morphs, forming a hallucinogenic sound with melody changes, surprise rolling bass drops, and sparse vocal samples. Double Healix is a free EP and continues Guttstar’s steady rise on the heels of his very successful “Battery Hues” EP on Party Guy Records and “Lightyear,” a free EP released on


Gritty alien basslines, emotive melodies and lush pads, take listeners on a journey into unexplored bass space on Guttstar’s “Lightyear EP”. The album was influenced by dubstep, hip hop, science fiction films and Guttstar’s past experience as a guitar player. The 5 tracks on the “Lightyear EP,” are a dark bass voyage with burst of bright melodies to guide listeners along the way. The EP is available as a free download and is a “thank you” to all of the fans, promoters, bloggers and friends that have been so supportive in 2010. Expect a number of additional free releases in 2011 and live appearances across the US.

Polish Ambassador


Had this dude on before a few times:

David Sugalski, a.k.a. – Ample Mammal, a.k.a. The Polish Ambassador is a beat machine from the future. Hailing simultaneously from the far reaches of other dimensional Universes and… Oakland, California, this dude drops his own unique blend of electro-funked, glitch-tweaked, wobble-freaked breakbeats that will have you dropping that bottom like it was 92…..3092, that is.

Free Downloads by Polish Ambassador


Homeboys in Outerspace: Episode 1 by Polish Ambassador

Jam Jarr


From my South African homies, love these guys:

Jam Jarr – I Am The Danger EP is gonna be out on 16 March 2011. It’ll be FREE for two weeks in the African Dope Online Store (

And remember, it’s not a sin to buy music online.

Jam Jarr – Bass Bin Split by africandope

Jam Jarr – Bass Bin Split by Jam Jarr



We’ll finish off today with a couple of cutz from one of our favourite boyz, +verb.

Sublimation (FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

I Was Banging 7 Gram Rox (CS Tribute) by +verb

Part 2 coming up later!

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