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Wépa ! I am in Barcelona right now, in the El Timbe‘s flat haunted with pitbull & cumbia. Barcelona is such a beautiful city, I don’t know why I am typing right now, I should hang out at the beach in the sun or loose myself in the street labyrinths. A week ago, I bought a cheap bus ticket from Toulouse so, at least I could meet some of the art vanguardia of the city and the “latin diaspora” which is very active, helpfull and fun ! So let me show you how Barcelona sounds right now in our small world of crazy “tropicalist” (well not exactly the same as Veloso and Gil one).

There’s nothing like a set with nice art performance. Spinning some old cumbias in the NIU, I had the chance to see a show of live creativity from Vj Ovideo Opendesktop resident of Barcelona. Vj Ovideo Opendesktop took advantage of his operative system to create a whole new application to Veejaying: his digital artistic performance, impressive yet made with a simple and functional interface, is an alive collage of fixed and moving images with digital brushes. It’s brillant and I loved it ! Well, let’s talk about music.

1. Meneo – craziest guy in town, great music although not stricly cumbia at all ! Meneo’s music has what others lacks off: a real melodic work on top of great productions skills. He knows how to control your party whatever it’s like. It’s a quite old track so just imagine what I was listening live in Barcelona last sunday during his set (he has a Dj and a live set).

La Regla by MENEO

2 – Piel de Oveja – Alejandra Yañez Pablo Marín are Piel de Oveja two sensuales hyperactive artists: redactors of the good blog El sudaca nos Ataca, they have a Dj set, a radioshow, they toured Europe, they organize parties and events regularly in Barcelona, they design, they paint (Pablo is El señor Juanito: comics, illustrations & paintings), they… hyperactives !

Negritud Albina by Piel de Oveja

3- Dj Kimo – I don’t know that much of him, but he does great music. I couldn’t meet him yet but I love the edit of Cumbia en Moog he sent us:

(colombia) cumbia en moog – cumbia de sal (karim’s macumbia re-edit) by DJ KiMO

4- El Mayonesa is back with this remix from Barrington Levy.

Here I Come (Live) – Barrington Levy (ELMAYONESA Remix) by ELMAYONESA

cumbia caps gorras

5 – Dj Nice noise – likes bassline, fidget, dubstep, IDM, and cumbia: Nicenoise, founder member of Folcore, is a visual & graphic designer responsible for the best cumbia hats you can find: buy it HERE at Antidoto 28.

6 – Cherman – the other founder member of the Collective Folcore is at the same time a secret agent infltrated to spread cumbia in whole Europe: among others serious audiovisual projects in Barcelona (there’s more to come…) he is part of the Cabeza netlabel with Lucas Luisao. Cherman comes with this great mashup from his last Cabeza EP that you can download for FREE :

Cherman – Cumbia Infiltrate (Damas Gratis vs Sean Paul) by cherman

And if you read us from Barcelona, then please show up at our Despiporre this Saturday: I’ll meet El Timbe ! Info HERE.


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