This is our boy, Andy’s (mixtape dood) Balkan EP and we’re proud to be able to present it to you here.

It’s full of Balkan Swing, UK BalFunky, Balkan House and Balkan Techno VYBIZMO!

Grab it now cause it’s ACE:

Here’s what he says:

Out now on the untimely sound bandcamp:

Untimely Sound presents andykisaragi – Amyl Balkan EP

A 5 track EP collecting some of my biggest Balkan tunes from the last year & some unreleased gems too. Combining elements of Balkan, Klezmer, House, UK Funky, UK Folky and Techno. 5 slabs of Balkan fyah for global bass lovers!

The EP is released on a pay-what-you-want basis, so if you want to pay nothing, that’s totally cool with me, however if you want to give a little in exchange then that’s just awesome! People who do choose to pay will go on my extra-special-super-best-pals mailing list for exlusive freebies in future! (Oh and by the way, because Bandcamp uses Paypal, if you pay less than about 50p then I won’t get any of it! Sucks I know, so if you’re thinking yeah it’s good, but only worth about 40p to me, then you’re best off just going for the free option otherwise your cash just goes to lining Paypal’s already extremely well-lined pockets!)



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