I would like to kick this off by thanking Umb for allowing me the oppurtunity to share the music I love, and recognizing my reach within this community. I plan on using this space to share the best dubstep, drum n bass, and drumstep I can get my hands on.

As this is my first post through Generation Bass, I figured a quick introductory to who I am, and why I’m here would be in order.

My ‘Thugstep’ refixes started dropping in 2006 through my manager Khal at ‘Rock The Dub‘, and really haven’t stopped. I recently linked with Hipnotikk and Cable to form Hoodlum, a hub for the kind of music we like and brand for quality in dubstep releases. The quantity and quality of the work our collective provides is quite overwhelming.

My links will provide more than an afternoons worth of text and audio, but I felt that sorting an exclusive for you guys would be the proper way to kick things off.

Juvenile – What’s Happenin’ (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Instra.mental Mix) by djnappy

320 download here:

my affiliations…

Don’t hesitate to reach out!!


  1. honor to have you join the crew, your taste in music is fine and your thugstep is my favorite in the genre!

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