Here are some tracks I have been enjoying over the past few weeks.

Distance – Falling
This one has been floating around for a good few months, I think I first heard it last summer, but it is finally getting a release apparently in April. I can see this becoming the next big crossover tune.

Available soon from the usual outlets.


Kromestar – Jabber Jawz

I saw Chef last night, he dropped this, so ridiculous on a big system

Available from here.


Leathal Bizzle – Pow 2011 (Skream’s Murky Mix)

I wouldn’t normally post grime, but this is heavy. I thought this was available to buy but I cant actually find it.


Dark0 – Snakes and Ladders

Here’s an new tune from Dark0, an awesome upcoming producer who I blogged in my first post here, he was played on Radio 1 last week and I hope is going places. Dark0 has also let me give out the 320 of his tune I posted a few weeks back, HYLI, (after it was leaked elsewhere).

Dark0 – Snakes And Ladders (Instrumental) by Dark0

Grab HYLI here, you won’t regret it.



Plastician – Alone Time

Beautiful new one from Plastician

Blue Bear – Count to Ten

New signing for true tiger, massive tune.

V.I.V.E.K – Out of Reach

V.I.V.E.K has been making some amazing deep tunes, Check out Talking Shadows on Soul Jazz Records


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