We <3 MRK1 here at Generation Bass.

He is one of the best dj’s I’ve ever seen play live, man he knows how to mix and so it comes as no surprise to me that he is the chosen one for this Future Dubstep mixtape.

To celebrate the launch of the Future Dubstep 04 album mixed by MRK1 (pre-order on iTunes) the label are offering a free download from MRK1 himself!

To get your copy simply join their mailing list and you will immediately receive an email with a link to download MRK1 “iLOVE”.


Here’s all the rest of the official:


Today sees the launch of MRK1’s hotly anticipated new mix compilation “Future Dubstep 04″. Check it out on iTunes. Featuring monster dubstep anthems from the likes of Kiss FM’s DJHatcha, Crazy D, Cotti, Rebel Sonix, Chimpo and Kissy Sell Out favourites Jeuce, with underground rising stars like iBenji (supported by Rusko), Eshone and Sashaslay. RMS ft Soho – Cold (Hatcha & Lost Remix) even picked up a prime time spin on BBC Radio 1 from Mistajam!

Following on from the ferocious success of Future:Dubstep:03 – our biggest selling album of the year 2010 –MRK1 returns with another slammin selection of the finest dubstep cuts from some of the scene’s strongest production talents.

Download exclusively from iTunes

Eight:FX and Big In Ibiza’s Future:Dubstep series aims at bringing together Dubstep’s most established artists alongside the genres future stars, with Future:Dubstep:04 seeing one of Dubstep’s most iconic artists, MRK1 return for a second instalment mixing together over 29 tracks from some of the genres longest running players as well as the best in up and coming talent. Many of whom featured on Future Dubstep 03 and helped it become such a hugely successful project which built on the support for Dubstep Sessions and Future:Dubstep:01 both mixed by DJ Hatcha and Future:Dubstep:02 mixed by Bare Noise.

When deciding who should mix Future:Dubstep:03 and Future:Dubstep:04 there was no hesitation in askingMRK1. He is undoubtedly one of Dubstep’s most established and respected figure heads. His own Virus Syndicate group found notoriety after scoring a #8 MTV Video Chart position with “Slow Down”.and through his own Contagious label, mix compilations including Rephlex’s ‘Grime’ (a key release in pushing theDubstepGrime sound to a wider audience) and releases on the genres biggest labels including two artist albums, MRK1 is without shadow of a doubt one of the genre’s most influential and successful artists.

His own releases on Tempa, Soulja, Vehicle, Rephelx, Polydor, Wall of Sound, Texture, Techonic, Earwax, Terra Rhythm to name a fewhas seen MRK1 become one of the leading producers in this genre and sell thousands of copies worldwide. MRK1’s own record label, Contagious, has unleashed killer dubplates from both himself and from the likes of SkreamPlastician, Chimpo, Sizzla, Jack Sparrow, Virus Syndicate and Oris Jay.

In 2004 MRK1Plastician and Slaughter Mob released an album called “Grime” on Aphex Twin’s labelRephlex Records and was a pivotal album for the dubstep/grime genre. MRK1 has also released two full length albums on Planet Mu, “One Way” and “Copyright Law”, and produced The Virus Syndicate’s last two albums also on Planet Mu selling over 50,000 copies, “The Work Related Illness” and “Sick Pay”.

MRK1 has appeared on BBC Radio 1, BBC 1 Extra, BBC Asian Network, Kiss, Galaxy radio stations in the UK and has hosted 1xtra Mix show with his group Virus Syndicate as well as producing tracks for the BBC’s “Panarama”, and “Undercover Millionaire” TV shows. Mark has also travelled the world as a DJ playing at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Glastonbury (UK), Ros Kilde (Denmark), Wilsonic (Solvenia), 10 Days Off (Gent), Sonar (Barcelona), Glade (UK), Cream (UK) etc.



1. MRK1 – Home
2. EshOne – First
3. Stenchman – Purple Cow
4. Distinction – Bionic Bug
5. Magic Mash – Beat Bass
6. Ellenyi – Life Turned Up Loud (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
7. MRK1 – Thriller
8. The Str8jackets feat MC Chickaboo – Move and Rock (Vibeizm Dub)
9. MC Flipside – Candy Coated (Vibeizm Dub)
10. Fonzerelli ft Ellenyi – Moonlight Party (Super Hoo Men Remix)
11. Tim Ismag – Body
12. MRK1 – Cardiac Arrest
13. Trowa – Black Pyramid
14. R.I.O. – What If (MRK1 Remix)
15. Sluggo – I Get Violent (Itchy Robot Remix)
16. MRK1 – Sizzler
17. MRK1 – Move Your Soul
18. Ellenyi – I Don’t Know Your Name (Vibeizm Dub)
19. RMS – Cold (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
20. Jeuce – Play (MRK1 Remix)
21. Rebel Sonix – Turkish Delight
22. Ellenyi – Life Turned Up Loud (Vibeizm Dub)
23. Cotti vs Crazy D – Believe Me not
24. Sashaslay – Anthem Dogs
25. Cut and Splice – Spend the Night (Vibeizm Remix)
26. iBenji – Broken Box
27. Grimejah – Keep Strong
28. Chimpo – Fling Out Ya Limbs
29. Hypes – Onit (Requake Remix)

Download now:


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