earthquake japan

he//o world, we all love bass music but even with a funktion-one sound system at full power, we ain’t got nothing on the hidden inner-powers of our planet and when it decides to strike it devastates us. Our hearts are with the people of Japan who suffer great loses by the strongest earth quake of the century and the following monstrous tsunami waves that hit the land and a volcano eruption.


You can donate financially to the relief efforts of the Japanese Red Cross through Google’s Crisis Response site. For a list of other organizations see InterAction.


Perspective and awe as we face nature’s might, and so we must learn from such tragedies to live day to day in harmony with one another and with the planet, and to be present and ground our dreams. Life is short and sort of meaningless, all things considered, so don’t be a tosser and through it away!

With all the tragedies happening around the globe, people are turning to music to find relief and release. My intention is to spread positive vibes of roots and harmony with quality selections of music from around the world. Fresh music that reflects better than any news source what is really going on in the world.

Listen carefully:

sound nomaden

Sound Nomaden ( Germany )

wow what a slammer, this is a must for the world beat dj, make the dancefloor real happy 😛 big up Sound Nomaden for the remix and Adham Shaikh, the king of dub and chill!

Adham Shaikh_Carpet Breaker (Sound Nomaden Gypsy Swing Remix) by Sound Nomaden

tony seal

Tony Seal

For this next one I invite you to kick back, sip on some wine and enjoy a fine mix of electro swing, flamencojazz and salsa by my new mate Tony Seal from Madrid (via Romania).

Tony Seal_Torero-Minicast by Tony Seal

Tony is also a talented producer and remixer, here are some top picks:

Tony Seal – BalkanWay (Original Mix) by Tony Seal

Tony Seal – El Trago (Original Mix) by Tony Seal

Keep exploring his music on the cloud and beyond:

By the way, listening to Tony’s minicast, this song really grabbed my attention. It is a remix/refix of ‘O sarracino by Renato Carosone.  Yea I admit, it is almost the exact same beat as we no speak Americano by Yolanda be cool and DCUP, so prepare yourself for another potential crazy European summer hit!


EarthCycle (Japan)

I bet you guys never heard of this guy, well I didn’t either until a few weeks ago when I randomly discovered him searching for Lutan Fyah tracks on soundcloud. This guy is FIRE, first of all he produces from Goa Trance to DubStep to Moombahton to Barefoot which makes him a favorite. Secondly there is intensity to his sound that I absolutely love, and he loves to mix reggae and dancehall in his tunes, so big up to you EarthCycle, and we hope that everything is fine with you and the family after that nasty earth quake and tsunami. Be well, strong, and keep making these bassy sounds!

Sick barefoot banger, only too short so make sure you reeeewind!

Jah Rubal – Joker Smoker (Earthcycle Barefoot Remix) by EarthCycle

Ganja Moombahton Style:

Money- Alborosie (EarthCycle Moombahton Remix) by EarthCycle


Den5hion (Mexico)

I found this homeboy following Javier Estrada friends on SoundCloud (before DJ Umb’s post about him :-). I gotta tell ya, Den5hion is one busy busy dude from Northern Mexico making some killer tunes. Still young in his production, he is full of talent and style and you can hear how his sound is improving in each track he makes. I asked Den5hion to tell me more about himself:

(shortened version):

I’m 17 years old.. music is my life….During weekdays I Wake Up Blast some music while i get ready for school… go to school listen to music in my

head…. get home Produce till i fall asleep….

On the weekends i go party…get really drunk, hago desmadre [I cause chaos]…. get home Make music till i pass out….

What I Love most about making music is that its a way for me to express my feelings… all of my songs… each frequency each note, each sound has a meaning for me… there is a story behind every song…. its the way i tell the world what i feel about what i live…

Just Listen:

A little bit of everything in this next tune (great intro track for sets), he calls named the genre here TODO (everything):

El Amor al Miedo by den5hion

Making a heavy psy-cumbia beat work nicely with the MC: John El Esquizofrenico (den5hion remix) by den5hion

This song is so sad & happy:
El Puñal y El Corazon (den5hion remix) by den5hion

Tons of great CumbiaSteppers in this set:

Cumbiastep by den5hion


Dj Javier Estrada (Mexico)

Talking about Javier, check out this ThugCumbiaStep?:

California swag district – teach me how to dougie (Dj Javier Estrada Huarachozo remix ) by djjavierestrada

dj super sonic

dj Super Stereo (Hungary)

Viktor is a super cool dude who makes lively passionate music. His Balkanbeats are totally happenings!

I love his shantel remixes/touch-ups

Shantel – Bucovina (feat. Mc Gun) by djSuperStereo

a bit more on the traditional side infused with tasty banging beats:

Péterfy Bori & Love Band – Téged nem (feat. Armiger) by djSuperStereo

He has a free upcoming album on the new net-label NRA (New Radical Arts) that will feature house, kuduru, dubstep, balkan, folkstep, moombathon and two remix tracks by Beatwarez,and tshabee. Album will be out toward the end of April so stay tuned and check out the promo:

SuperStereo HELLO FUTURE ep promo by djSuperStereo

spetic insurgent

Septic Insurgent (U.K)

Heavy bass and dramatic drops in these drumstep killahs:

Burnt by the Sun by Septic Insurgent

A Nice Friendly Hug (Bed Time and Fluffly Kittens Edition) by Septic Insurgent

munchi love

Munchi (Holand)

The same day I read about his unfortunate medical problem (did you donate to his fund by buying Munchaid?), the bruv uploaded this track to the cloud and it is top of the game for me right now because I luv Juke and Moombah and Munchi’s signature sounds!

Nguzunguzu – Unfold (Munchi Likes Excessive Amounts Of Bass Mambo Juke Rmx) by Munchi

hopefully this track bring you back home to the right mothafukin moment, because I ain’t got nothing to follow it with!


Until next time, stay true to your nature and don’t erupt!



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