1. Smutlee & Frankie Grimes
2. Dillon Francis
3. Audio 1
4. DJ Sabo
5. Torro Torro
6. Four Four’s
7. Tommie Sunshine
8. Doc Adam
9. Neki Stranac
10. Andy Kisaragi
11. DJ UMB

Smutlee & Frankie Grimes


Here’s something really cool about Moombahton and I’ve nicked the 2 above tracks from it, which appeared as exclusives.  It’s a pretty big piece covering most of the big players in the burgeoning Moombah scene.

Generation Bass gets a mention and also the writer of the piece contacted me with a link to it and said this:

“Wanted to send it to you, and say thanks, as it was through Generation Bass that I found out about Jake Twell and Nadia Oh, so massive thanks for that.

Keep it up – …you guys have been totally on top of the whole moombahton thing”.

Read the brilliant article HERE

I’m really pleased we get a mention because as I said to Sabbo the other day, a lot of people miss out the fact that we were the first to “consistently” blog about it.  Consequently a whole bunch of new producers and music lovers got into it and that’s really how it grew.  All our dubstep heads got into moombahcore through us, who might otherwise not have paid it as much attention, who knows.

So when they do decide to write the history of Moombahton we definitley deserve some solid and clear recognition in that story!

Hence, Round 5 Zillion!

Dillon Francis


Straight from Mad Decent including spelling mistakes .lol..(it happens to all of us):

Dillin Francis’s debut EP Westside is out everywhere today!  Own these monster tracks that have been widely support by some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including; Toddla T, Annie Mac, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Will I. Am, Drop The Lime, Sinden, and Major Lazer to name a few. Dillon teams up with Diplo, Dave Nada, Maluca, DJ Ammo, and Munchi to bring Moombahton to the next level. Download Munchi’s remix of Brazzers Theme for free above and check out the rest of the EP below!

Dillon Francis & Dave Nada-Brazzers Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Rmx) by maddecent

1) Dillon Francis-Masta Blasta
2) Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo- Westside!
3) Dillon Francis & Diplo- Que Que(feat Maluca)
4) Dillon Francis & Dave Nada- Brazzer’s Theme
5) Dillon Francis & Dave Nada- Brazzer’s Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Remix)

Preview the tracks HERE
Purchase on Itunes HERE
Purchase on Beatport HERE

Audio 1


Audio 1 is no stranger here and here’s what he says about his latest works:

Back by popular demand and supported by Dave Nada, Heartbreak, Munchi, A-Mac, Melo and other Moombahton luminaries. Far East Movement featuring The Cataracs & Dev “Like A G6” remixed by superstar producer CHEW FU and Moombahton FIX by AUDIO1. Please drop this in all of your sets. Enjoy.


DJ Sabo


If one Sabbo on Gen Bass digi was not enough already, the addition of NYC’s Sabo is only going to cause even more confusion for the both of them.

Man, what can you do when you got 2 equally talented quality producers, both on top of their game, both in the same scene and both doing the same kinda stuff?  How can you seperate them when they both share the same name?

I think they should both join forces and become twins as producers too 🙂

Here’s some top, top stuff by NYC’s Sabo, this man will be churning out quality time after time, cause that’s just what he does.

Fr33ky Egypt by djsabo

Mezclaton – Sabo by djsabo

Torro Torro


A producer from Canada who has recently jumped on the Mommbah bandwagon to tremendous effect too. Bigged up by none other than Big Don Moombah Dadda himself, Dave Nada!


Gooffee – Flow (Torro Torro Remix – Billfold Moombahton Edit) by TorroTorro

Four Four’s


I really couldn’t care what this sounded like, I’d stick it up for the above image alone..ahahaha but in all fairness, it’s a KillaR track too!

King Africa-La Bomba(Four Four’s Moombahton Remix)(Preview) by Four Four

Tommie Sunshine


King Tommie, man geezer’s got some of the coolest hair in the biz 🙂 and of course some of the coolest House cuts and now evidently, Moombahfied Edits too!

Rock on Tommie!

@MORNINGSTAR did a take of my Rihanna Edit and made me want to collaborate with him on a project. I had been listening to ‘World Clique’ quite a lot lately and felt these two tracks were exactly the right ones. Not a ton of changes, just recontextualized for the Moombahton Generation with ultimate love.


God bless @davenada.

‘moombahfied’ Edits by tommiesunshine

Doc Adam


Another dude killin’ it on the Moombah front!

Here’s his latest!

You NEED them for your sets man!

Wu-Tang Slang by docadam

Bang With Me (You Don’t Wanna) by docadam

West Coast Shit by docadam

Steady B – Serious (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix) by docadam

When’s The KNAS Time (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit) by docadam

Boeke (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix) by docadam

Neki Stranac


Neki is part of the Shazalakazoo crew from Belgrade, Serbia and just recently he got into Moombah and he has not looked back cause all of his stuff has been met with great praise.

This is why:

Kickstarts (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – Afrojack vs. Example by NEKI STRANAC

Wanna Be Gangstas (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – Oliver Twizt & Dj Rockid by NEKI STRANAC

Turbulence (NEKI STRANAC Moombahcore Edit) – Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki ft. Lil John by NEKI STRANAC

Stuk (NEKI STRANAC Moombahton Edit) – The Partysquad vs. Hardwell by NEKI STRANAC

Andy Kisaragi


Here’s our bro’ Andy’s first moombah attemp and here’s what he says:

Moombahesque tune I’ve been making on the bus to work for the past few days… Cutting up bits of Gang Starr’s You Know my Steez

Steezy (bus bounce) by andykisaragi

DJ UMB’s DeeP MoomBaH


Yep, this is me!

Here’s my Moombah mix again.  A lot of you have been asking for listing and so this time, here it is with a tracklist:

All work and no play ain’t good for you and so here’s me at play and massaging my own ego, again..ahahhaha…f-k the haterz cause no-one is gonna hate me more than myself…ahahahhaha!

The DeeeeP mUMBahton SeSSionS (Feb 2011) – DJ UMB by djumb


1. Midnight – Jon Kwest

2. Next Level – DJ Sabo

3. Swangin’ – Jon Kwest

4. Space Runner – Moombahtron

5. Show You Love – Jon Kwest

6. Hey Hey (Sabo dub) – Dennis Ferrer

7. Like we use to do – Jon Kwest

8. Litoral (Ben Tactic Moombahton Edit) – Michel Cleis

9.Big Top – Jon Kwest

10. Angola (Obeyah’s edit of Alex Font remix) – Cesaria Evora

11. African Flute – Obeyah

12. Africa – Jon Kwest

13. No Pare Moombahton – DJ Sabo

14. Calypso (Doc Adam edit) – Round Table Knights

15. Alors on Dance (Heartbreak’s edit) – Stromae

16. Jungle Music – Jon Kwest

17. Soltero y Sin Compromiso – Munchi


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