There’s certain problems that start to arise when the numbers start getting bigger. For example, the more you earn, the more you pay out. The more girlfriends you have, the bigger the headache and arse-kicking you gonna get too 🙂

Then there’s soundcloud friends (I dislike that term “followers” as much as I despise that word “fan”(s)) too.  I mean man I’m on almost 4000!! How’s that happened, I don’t know, it just did.

I hate to complain about it though but there is one MAJOR problem with increasing numbers like that for me and this relates specifically to soundcloud. I can’t check out each and every new cat who friends me on there like I use to do. It’s just too much. So the downpart is that I miss out on stuff like this when these peeps friend me and I didn’t even know they did!

I found out about Moombahton Massive III, via this great blog Los Equis who I came across today as the guy blogged my new mix and said some lovely words about it.

Then I checked the Moombahton Movement soundcloud and discovered they’d friended me a few days ago already and cause of my increasing numbers I didn’t know…ahahahha…man keep on friending me though cause I don’t wanna scare any of you away, you can never have enough friends in my book 🙂

I gotta say a a few things about this new free EP and that is:

1. The Temper Trap track is probably one of my current all time fave Moombahton Edits, ever since I first heard it on Nada’s mixtapes.  I’ve been waiting for him to drop it free, it’s an awesome track, emotional but also a huge floor-filler!

2. It’s great to see them giving other guys involved in the Moombahton scene, who are not always in the spotlight, an opportunity too.  Man that’s only fair and so big up to you guys.  You get our FAIR PLAY award 🙂

Here’s what Carlos from the brilliant Los Equis says;

The Moombahton explosion continues! I recently posted part 2 of Moombahton Massive EP and it was fire! This time around there are some new cats bringing new sounds to the table including this “Temper trap” remix by Axwell and Dirty South. A jam which has probably been remixed to death but one can’t deny the warm vibes that gives this Moombahton edit that infectious swagger. Check out the EP and share this!

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South remix) (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit) by Moombahton Movement

download the full Moombahton Massive III EP here

1. I Can Make You Dance – Pickster One & Melo
2. Patchy Moombahton – Sabo
3. Lemme See Ya Pop – A-Mac
4. Fix Up (Sabo Moombahton Edit) – Jay Vegas
5. Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South remix )
(Nadastrom Moombahton Edit) – Temper Trap
6. Fich So Saxy – DJ Apt One


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