Jam Jarr - I Am The Danger

African Dope Records brings you the second offering of Jam Jarr – I Am The Danger. A 5-track journey into glitch, bass, rap, debauchery, and everything else that makes life the dirty good thing that it is. Bakaman rapping and Soundproof glitching. Free for 2 weeks (from March 16th) ONLY in the Online Dope Store.

You’ll need to create an account in the store and then add the release to your cart and checkout. After checkout you’ll get an email with the download link. Boom! You’ll be getting high with Jam Jarr in less than 3 minutes! Do it here now.

All of these tracks are cool. But I gotta say that the last track on the release “What Is The Enemy” reminds me in the best way of N.I.N. and will be a big tune in my headphone playlist this season.

Jam Jarr – I Am The Danger by africandope


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