I didn’t speak sufficiently from the mexican cumbia scene. Well, cause of my life i am more relacionated to Colombia. But I like a lot of stuff from Mexico. So today it’ll be a bit orientated to Mexico. Let’s speak from the super cumbia futurista mexican collective… Space Cumbia is a place where deeply saturated layers of vintage, analogue sounds are mixed in with new digital effects and production to create something that is modern, timeless, and distinctively Mexican.

¨ La Super Cumbia Futurista¨ is a new Mexican project which combines the popular flavor with the contemporary electronic sound of México City. It is also a collective that joins all kinds of exponents: musicians, designers, composers and agrupations of all types of sorts, from popular to intelectual, from digital to artistic in order to create a very peculiar musical ¨collage ¨ texture that speaks about our city and its people, politics, transportation system, our ecological status, the color of our markets and the street sounds and noises that sorrounds us. The idea of this project comes from the pictoric and graphic style of old mexican Lucha Libre (mexican wrestling), Space, Horror and Romantic movies. The combination of the evolution of modern mexican musical expressions and the pictures from the 50´s and 60´s gives as a result an old ludic and surreal vision of the future, which can be heard with striking different tropical rythms of times of the Mambo, Rumba, Cha cha cha and the Boleros. These types of rythms and beats have been transformed nowadays by others into Cumbia, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton and many genres that come from the same roots. In this collective, we try to integrate these cultural elements from the past with the new culture that we currently live in our country, making a new futuristic musical vision and rescuing some pure mexican aesthetic styles as well as old fashion artistic movements that are now being replaced by the influence of other countries and cultures, as can be seen in music and films nowadays. This year comes up the compilation ¨ La Super Cumbia Futurista¨ Volume 1, first release of the collective, which is the union of many people from very different enviroments, all kind of ideologies, social status, religions and political preferences brought together by one unique issue, a style of music that gathers all these. The Cumbia.

Check them / watch them out on the super cumbia futurista on soundcloud cause there’s new stuff coming out and it’ll be really good again.

Cumbia Nacar (Los Wendys) by spacecumbia

Los Wendys – Heart by Canalh [kanaj]


Gozadera (Antifaz Feat. Soulbodega) by spacecumbia

Jaguar del Mayab (arroz con frijol remix/Feat. Soul Bodega) by Antifaz

We do not present Sonora. He is a one hit / week soundcloud hipster, and I really like his productions. Well it’s ot stricly mexican, but after all it’s very closed…

Sonora – Ojos Verdes by SONORA

Oh and my 100% collegue Wizraeli made me aware of this excellent all the way through mexican cumbia mix (found here). I love it !

Dubatonik – Cañonazos Sonideros Vol. 1 by dubatonik


    1. Thanks Carlos..will def check that out….we installed Canalh to do the famous Sexxy Sat cumbia’s and he’s been doing a GREAT job of it for months now, so all props to him 🙂

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