For weeks, been storing up this random bunch of tunes labelled as Footwork/Juke that I’ve found in various places, some of them might frighten some of the purists.


Let’s start with our boy Sabbo, his EP is still available right here:



Some Juke re-workings of classic pop tunage by this Chicago dude!

Starfoxxx – The Sweetest Thing by starfoxxxchicago

Starfoxxx – Fake Blood Mars (Juke) by starfoxxxchicago

Martin Sauvage


Wizraeli already posted on this dude recently but this post is about repetition and so here it is again!

Bienvenue Soukouch Ethnik – Martin Sauvage welcome mix (juke footwork) by Samuel Demitémas

Damn Zun


Our homie Hernandez, who did that wikkid post on Zakee a few days ago posted this tune from Planet Mu on his soundcloud that was uploaded for use on his own blog.  No harm in a bit of recycling is there and so here it now on Gen Bass.


DJ Lil Rome & DJ Yung Tellem – Kill Da Circle Play by Damn Zun™ – BK.NYC

Nightmare Juke Squad


Continuing the theme of repetition, here’s some stuff Andy posted on his blog Untimely Sound:

Tron : Legacy – Juke & Footwork Remixes by Nightmare Juke Squad


Nightmare Juke Squad – Juke Offering (Rated R Bonus) FREE EP


01 -Al Kpote – Bande De Putain De Sales Putes (Leatherface Remix)
02 – Candyman – Give It To Me
03 – Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Lecter Remix)
04 – Motörhead – Ace Of Spades (Raoul Juke & Fred Gruge Remix)

Peter Pozorek


Pete did this one ages ago, in fact I posted it waay back here in August 2009!

You can still grab it from that post as downloads ran out below!

There’s also a version on the above Nightmare Juke Squad freebie but man, Pete’s version does it for me.

Motorhead- Ace of Spades(peterpozorekjukemix) by PeterPozorek


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