Guys tryin’ 2 b Bruce Lee:

1. Diamond Bass

2. Lao

3. DJ Quien

4. DJ Dice

5. Anigif

6. Cadereira

7. Cobra Krames

8. Starfoxxx

9. Mindflow

10. Satyricon

11. Sound Nomaden

Diamond Bass – Tribal House


Just cause some of our homies’ start making it in the biz, don’t mean we’re gonna turn our back on them. We still love to blog about them and Diamond Bass ain’t no exception.

This track is a prime example of why Echufada signed him.  In fact although I loved his EP on Echufada, I actually prefer this track, a sublime slice of what I think he does best, Tribal House!

I know he won’t mind me saying that cause I don’t bullshit anybody!

Kunene (Diamond Bass remix) by klwzer

Lao – Guarrachero Deep House


Sublime track here by this Mexican dude!

DeeeP Guaracherro House, you heard it here again, FIRST!

BIG <3

Lao – Rave Negro by Lao (aka Majadero)

DJ Quien – AndeSteP / AndinO / Cumbia DnB


I can’t embed the first track BUT that is the ONE!

AndeSTeP, great potential, u heard it here first again!

I blogged on this guy over 5 months ago but I don’t know HOW I missed the above track!

This one is ok and we finish with a DnB version of the Cumbia classic Colegiala!

princesa kolla by dj quien

colegiala rmx by dj quien

DJ Dice – Latin House


My bwoi Omar aka DJ Dice is always sending me top notch stuff man.  I don’t always get round to listening to it or blogging it as quick as I use to/should do but such is life.

Here is yet another killa of a track from him.

Watch out for this dude!

La Chinita (Original Mix)-Dice vs Cue Tek by DJ DICE (CHICAGO)

Anigif – 16 Bit Bootylicious Soca


This track is SUPA-AWESOME.

16 bit bootylicious Soca vybz

You heard it here first!

Anigif – Mortal Kombat Rekix by anigif

Cadereira – Smiley Tropical


This dude Cadereira is my kinda party DJ.  He’s like the Mexican equivalent of Dj Cremoso.

One day I’m gonna book all these guys and have a huge cheesefest party, you’re all invited 🙂

Crazy covers of Blondie & Smashing Pumpkins, and I think, an original happy go lucky huge smiley on me face Cumbia

Cadereira vs Blondie – Heart of Glass (TropiRemix) by Cadereira

(Re-Subida) Cadereira vs Smashing Pumpkins – Mil novecientos setenta y nueve by Cadereira

Cadereira – El Peluche by Cadereira

Cobra Krames – Dubstep/Global Basss


Some awsum toonage here from Booklyn’s Mr Krames

El Sabor Del Tigeraso, not new as I stuck it on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia over 6 months ago but man it is still DA BOMB!

Club & World Bass by COBRAKRAMES

Starfoxxx – Tropicana House


Not only do they make Juke but xcellent Tropicana House too!

I think a lot of this post, so far, would make a nice mixtape wouldn’t it.  If you do it, send it to me personally but I warn you, better be good 😉

Starfoxxx- Guepa (Kid Quest Remix) by Kid Quest

Mindflow – Norweigan Bass


Norwegian Bass Music!

Mindflow – True Playa FREE 320 by Mindflow

Satyricon 3ball/Black Metal


The dude sent me this via my FB page and whilst I appreciate people reaching out to me, if you bother me via FB when I’m trying to revel in my own ego, it’s highly likely I’ll ignore your stuff unless I know you well.

Anyway, I’m really not sure about this one but you decide for yourselves!

Satyricon – Dark tribal times (Ezekiel’s took 2 hours + spliff break Edit/Mix). by Ezekiel2090
Sound Nomaden – Ghetto Tropical


Shiiit, dude sent this to me like 3 months man did not get around to listening to it until now and man it’s a a KILLA!

Sound Nomaden_Vamos a bailar by Sound Nomaden

Check out all his other stuff including the Carpet Breaker track that Wiz posted recently and which I’ll post again cause it’s another  corker!

Adham Shaikh_Carpet Breaker (Sound Nomaden Gypsy Swing Remix) by Sound Nomaden

So there’s a valuable lesson, if you don’t hear from me immediatley, don’t give up hope! Be patient because if you’re good enough I’ll get around to you eventually.  I hardly miss a thing, bear that in mind 🙂



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