These 2 massive tracks are going to the top of my Moombahton bag, Sabo is killing it, Hail King Sabo!


Another banger from Dj Gregory and Gregor Salto that I flipped and edited into a Moombahton track. Basically i just tooks parts from the Manoo remix and the Frank Rizardo remix, did some arrangement editing, added some reverb effects, and threw in the classic “ay tan sucia” vocal. I debuted this at the second Moombahton Massive party, and played it again at SXSW last week to great response. Enjoy mi gente!!!

Paris Luanda (Sabo Moombahton Remix) by djsabo


Canjika (Sabo’s Amtrak Edit) by djsabo

I made this quick edit on the train to DC en route to the 2nd Moombahton Massive party in DC, hence the name “Amtrak Edit”. Shout out to my man Laurent in Nairobi who put me on this tune. This is the Dj Bu5a remix of the original. As soon as I heard it i knew it’d be a killer at 110 bpm. I barely did anything other than re-arrange the parts and add some reverb effects. Sometimes the simpler the better. Pretty stoked on the artwork i made for it though! Enjoy mi gente!!!


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