Last night Javier asked me if I wanted to hear a Prehispanico mixtape from him and of course I said No 😉 lol

So an hour after I said of course I’d love to hear it, he produced it and here it is and I’m really <3 this one, it’s stripped back to basics giving it a more earthy, organic feel and man it’s one of my favourite mixtapes of 2011 thus far.  Amazing, amazing stuff making me pretty excited about his forthcoming release!

Here’s what I’ve previously  said about Prehispanico from the dude who we first broke all over blogosphere waaay back HERE.

Prehispanic means before the arrival of Columbus. So in his music Javier wants to “recreate” the jungle vibe and the blood rituals of the Aztec people.

So I thought, man, that is even more interesting than I originally thought and it added an additional element of potency to the music.

I really love this idea of a pre-colonialist ideology. Of taking music back to it’s native roots. Of stripping away the colonialism and taking it back to the heart of the real people. In a way, it’s like a restoration of a sincerity, an honest intention!

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