We interupt the scheduled program for something freshhhhh…. UK dubstep producer & dj DISTANCE just dropped an amazing  new video. A great reason to send him some questions about his work, music and where he sees dubstep going in the future! But first let’s take a look at the vid, which looks really great:

I put together some questions about his new vid & cut which he answered in a record time!
-congrats on the new single and new video, it looks absolutely stunning, how did this come about?
Thanks! – Well we were sent a number of Ideas for the videos and ended up going with a Directer called Sam Pilling who also directed True Tigers video “Slang Like This” which I didnt know at the time. I just loved the style and look he was going for . He sent a clip of what he proposed to do using a Phantom camera which allows you to slow the film right down and give the illusion that objects are floating. I really didnt want to do a typical dance video with a rave scene, im really happy with how it turned out. Its one of those video where once you start watching you cant stop, you have to see it through to the end.

-the track sounds a bit more pop than your earlier stuff, almost magnetic man hit sensibility – is this a direction you are heading in right now?
Well it was never my intention to produce a track that would cross over I approached this track the same way I approach all my music. At that time I was messing around with some vocals I had been sent for another project and it got me thinking maybe getting an original vocal over this track could work really well. Alys Be was perfect for it and she smashed. Once we had the full vocal sorted I knew it was going reach further then my usual dubstep audience.

I never set out to get the attention of the majors I was just making my music. I will never stop producing the underground tunes thats where I started and where my roots lay but the Island deal has just brought forward so many opportunities.

-do you feel the pressure to stay true to the dubstep ‘community’ by feeding them what they expect and keep wobbling?
I dont feel pressure at all, so far ive had no negative comments from anyone within the scene, I thought I would have been bombared with people telling me ive sold out lol. Truth is the track still has all the elements I put into all my other tracks darkness, Sub and moodyness. I definitely wont be turning my back on the underground, but thats not to say you want here tracks that arnt strictly tailored for the underground scene. I just want to make music at the end of the day whether it be Dubstep,D&B, Rock or whatever….why limit yourself to one sound. You can never make music that everyone likes, so all I can do is make music I like.

-that’s def true… where do you see the genre going in 5 years?
Thats a tough one, I reckon it will still be going strong but will probably sound a lot different from what it does now. Through the years ive seen so many trends come and go within dubstep we had the whole Ongy Bongy period, then the Roots period, Then the Half step, now its the tearout midrang led stuff……..will people still be playing that in a year who knows probably not. At the end of the day its down to the producers to keep it interesting if everyone starts following formulas and using the same drums and bass noises its going to become very boring.

I reckon dubstep would have fallen off the Radar a few years ago if it wasnt going to be sticking around.

-so what current tracks are you listening to?
Vivek is making some sick music as is Tunnidge and Cyrus. Some new guys to look out for are District and Sleeper.
Outside of Dubstep I listen to loads of stuff from Kanye to Daft Punk, im still listening to a lot of Metal too.

-what’s the pivotal track in your career? the one that sparked your musical ambitions?
It was “Said The Spider” By Oris J. When I first heard that on Pirate I knew I had to start making this music. Once I had finished my first album “My Demons” I knew I wanted to do this forever.

-do you keep track of what people say about your releases online or follow any music blogs right now?

No not really, I see bits an bobs but at the end of the day I just try and write music that im happy with, if I start seeing people slating it or even biggin up what im doing it could influence what im making. As i said before its impossible to make music for everyone so your are bound to disappoint some people……thats life.

-so, after this release – what’s next for you?
I just finished a remix for a new vocalist on Island called Josh Osho, his voice is amazing. Plus there are few more very exciting remixes coming my way. Im also mixing the next Dubstep Allstars which im really happy about. There will be some new signings to Chestplate and there are a load of planned releases so keep your eyes peeled for those. Im also working on a colaboration with a band called Kid Adrift which is sounding heavy!

We’ll def keep an eye out mate, no worries! here below are some more sounds by DISTANCE:

PHOTEK REMIX of the tune – just a snippet though:

+ another big one: MALICE:

and a personal favorite: CLOCKWORK:


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