It’s funny how many drum & bass producers that I have talked to HATE the name drumstep. The most common response is “It’s just drum n bass with half of the kicks missing”, and that’s a legitimate arguement. What I love though is the complete change in feel with a simple modification of drum patterns.

Call it Halfstep, Drumstep, or whatever you want. The releases are flowing heavily in the first and second quarter of 2011, and it seems like the producers and DJs that never REALLY wanted to leave the 180BPM range have a new and fantastic reason to revisit that tempo. Perhaps a silly name, but the change in the flow of production is visible.

Umb usually drops single tracks for Drumstep friday, and I decided to borrow from the ideal of the genre, change the formula up a bit, and drop a few mixes that include some dope drumstep.

The homeboy Solo represents Chicago. This mix dropped right around the holidays, and it blew me away. Not only because he had his hands on some tracks that people STILL can’t seem to find, but the unexpected flow and progression of these tracks is nearly flawless.


Danejah has been featured on Drumstep Friday a few times before, and his tunes are slick. He puts it down in this downloadable mix…


Dieselboy needs no introduction at all, and this mix has some fantastic dubstep, drum & bass, and drumstep sections. With over 80,000 plays and nearly 30,000 downloads, you might just be the last person in the know if you haven’t heard this yet!


And finally, DJ Blu is ripping through El Paso, TX right now. Here’s a downloadable mix from a couple months ago…



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