Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Fredrik Thordendal are among the top Musicians who dropped innovative music and also, at the same time, developed a signature sound.

Djent is a sound.  It is widely acknowledged to have come first from Meshuggah, although from 2007, pretty much every “updated” band from the aggresive tendencies, seems to have at least one drop or djent riff.

Djent’s typical uses give rise to a “genre” of djent that is characterized by hi-fi compressed production, polyrhythmic/staccato distorted riffs and ambient clean passages which make liberal use of 9 and other “jazzy” chords. Electronica influences such as glitchy percussion and synthesizers are also incorporated.

Saying this, it is very nice to post Djent-step, a whole new sub-genre, in where Djent sounds gets electronica beats, in this case dubstep. First djent-electronic started with Meshuggah themselves in their EP The true Human Design.

Now, fourteen years later, The Algorithm, from France, drops a masterpiece.

His album Critical Error, surely belongs to the pioneer albums in terms of sounds.

Free (make sure you listen to the sick bridge around 1:30 and so on)

Antikythera Mechanism [Pt. 1] by The Algorithm

melancholic and darkstep!!
The algorithm drops this sick track!!

Igorrr – Caros (The Algorithm remix) by The Algorithm

you can feel totally the djent in this track!

Isometry by The Algorithm

and this one as well

Continuity by The Algorithm

If you didnt get what exactly DJENT is, here is an explanatory video

and you can find one example in full free blast download here


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