You know Pathaan has had an illustrious and colourful DJ career thus far, having his first break as Resident DJ for Talvin Singh’s inafmous Asian Underground Club night Anokha back in the mid 90’s. It was there that one night David Bowie entered, heard Pathaan and offered him a support slot on his Earthling Tour! Pathaan’s never looked back since!

You can find out more all about his past and achievements by visiting his website

Pathaan played an influential part in my own emergence as a DJ.  It was down to guys like Claude Challe, Ravin and Pathaan who first got me into the idea of dj’ing.  I loved the fact that they seemed to travel the world with their sounds but in a more hip like way as opposed to the old-fashioned “World Music” way.  Luckily for me I’ve known all 3 of them now for a while and have played with them or for them at one time or another in the past.

In addition, the fact that Pathaan’s origins were Asian, as are mine, it made me identify with him in a big way.  There’s not many high profile Asian dj’s making it onto the scene and so his ascent was kinda inspiring to me.

His whole musical palette is not always to my tastes but I’ve always enjoyed listening to what he does and most of his releases have always been interesting and well worth investigating.

So it’s with great honour and pleasure that we present to you something very special as a worldwide xclusive – Stoned Asia presents World Peace!  It’s an unreleased dj mix by Pathaan that was intended for release 10 years ago!!!  It never made it to actual release because of 9/11 and you can read all about that fascinating and remarkable story below from the man himself.

Musical Rickshaw

Before that though, there’s the important matter of Pathaan’s new release called Musical Rickshaw, named after the radio show he use to do for the BBC.

It’s a 2 CD affair and I was really surprised with the new direction he took on CD1 as it was pretty dark and banging covering dubstep, breakbeat and glitch in copious amounts with Transnational flava’s.  So I really, really enjoyed CD1 as it was more my cuppa and he even included a track by one of our bwoys, Tafuri, who we broke on our blog a long while back!

CD2 is Pathaan getting into more commercial party-ish vybz with Lounge, Future Disco and Transnational House and so less engaging for me but many, many of you would find it pretty awesome!

Overall, you could never go wrong by investigating and exploring this man’s work because his previous works don’t sound dated at all and that’s a great sign.  His new work sees him digging into more experimental terrains and that for me is very encouraging to see.

Here’s the Press Release for his most recent work:


The tracklist:


Stoned Asia presents World Peace


An unreleased DJ mix by Pathaan and man it’s a beauty.  Ironically, perhaps one of his finest moments I think and a real shame that it was not released way back when it was due to be.

What surprised me most about this mix was that, overall,  it did not sound dated and is one of his most cohesive mixes.  Really sublime flava’s throughout.

I’d say the last 20 minutes of the mix probably show Pathaan at his finest moment in da mix, it’s a beautiful, moving and very descriptive passage, an adagio of sorts.


Here’s what Pathaan said about it all:

During a time of religious conflict, war, oppression, famine and racism etc etc, can music change & influence man ? I BELIEVE IT CAN !!!

I’m not a politician but am human and sickened by the current world affairs……….
So here begins a story I feel I must share and a mix for you to download !!!

Just under a decade ago, as a mark of respect and to acknowledge in my own way the 1st anniversary of 911, this was a ‘Stoned Asia Music’ priority release in Sept’ 2002 that was never released in THIS form. The reason being, a few of the distributors felt nervous about the tracklisting especially the 1st track and the point I was trying to make through the music !!

So I went back to the drawing board and changed the whole release to get the nervous distributors off my back. That version did very well for the label and can be read about here :

As I had already started the press campaign before the distributors got nervous I managed to get a couple of great reviews :

Ironically a review on September 11th in 7 Magazine ISSUE 167 – “A&R Pathaan is synonymous with a brand of horizontal chilling that’s purely global. What he does best is dig up the grooves that no one else – not even the most dedicated trainspotter – has discovered. You won’t find any of these gems on ‘Ibiza Chill Vol 37’, which naturally is a very good thing indeed. He scores an immediate coup with Bob Holroyd’s ‘Call To Prayer’ which features Cat Stevens on vocals (his first in 15 years). Other cuts riff on an axis that connects Marrakesh, the pyramids, strong herbs and midnight dub, from artists that come from Croatia, New York, Vienna and beyond.” – Kieran Wyatt [5 Dancing Men]


Jon Freer’s review for XLR8R – Music can often be an escape from the troubles of the world. However, here Pathaan expresses his feelings on the state of current affairs, and cries out for harmony. Chilled, calming and tranquil downtempo offerings arethe order of the day here, with handpicked offerings from around globe. Diaspora’s “Higher Heights” is a lofty Arabian influenced number, with atmospheric keys, beautiful travelling vocal edges and a potent flute. Cosmic Rocker’s “Mirrors and Windows” takes an unco-operative bass, paranoid vocals and adulterated scratches on a thought-provoking journey. “Seven Minutes Of Sun” by Lumo praises the golden orb Aztec-like, with shining keys, a slippery vibraphone and low slung beaten percussion. Gunjan’s Bally Sagoo produced “Midnight Sail” is a peaceful night ride, with touching strings, expressive vocals and a defined guitar. This compilation conveys a musical message that must be listened to.

Great eh ? Brilliant I thought at the time, but the release was canned in this form.
So finally having thought about it long and hard I’d like to share it with you, to download and to pass on and share with friends and family too.

Also, here are the notes I wrote about the tracks back then :

1 Bob Holroyd- Call To Prayer (Soundscape Music)
This artist has been producing great music for years and is without doubt a firm favourite of Pathaan. The track is exactly what the title says and Pathaan felt with all the current affairs around the world, that this track should start the proceeding. The vocals were recorded at the Regents Park Mosque in London by Yusuf Islam ( formerly Cat Stevens ! ) This was the first recording of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam since he ‘retired’ from the world of pop music for 15 years.

2 Chill Chillaz- Peas in Basmati (Dope Noir)
Dope Noir is a relatively new label out of Vienna with Waldeck as the main act. But Chill Chillaz are definitely an act to watch out for. Not only is this title superb, so too is the track from Vienna.

3 Diaspora- High and Hights (Copyright Control)
Hailing from Italy and France this track with it’s ‘Eastern Arabic’ promise sits perfectly on this new project. More music to come from these undiscovered darlings for ‘stoned asia music’ like this exclusive.

4 Organic Grooves-Southeast Chinese Discotheque (Codek Records)
This is Cosmic Rocker with a few friends like from Zeb from Irma records, producing what can only be described as a track that is timeless.

5 Cosmic Rocker – Mirrors & Windows (Stoned Asia Music)
This is one artist that Pathaan will definitely be championing on the Stoned Asia Music label. Croatia-born but living in New York for years now, this artist runs his own nights under the name of ‘Organic Grooves’ which enjoy a following to write home about. We welcome this artist on the label and know he will most definitely be one to watch. Great name, awesome track!

6 Karuan- Dahia (Sunshine Enterprises)
Great act from a very respected label out of Vienna again. Superb use of eastern samples.

7 Eastern Dub Tactik- Like This (Waveform Corp.)
A magnificent track that had to be present here. Ethnic dub classic! Hailing from Texas.

8 Gaudi – Truthful Old Man (Antenna)
Oh yes, Pathaan’s production partner delivers what can only be described as a future classic in the world of global beats. So well produced, this track oozes in quality!

9 Lumo- Seven Minutes of Sun (Stoned Asia Music)
The Lumo sound has been described as ‘….a stir fry of Orbital and Massive Attack with a heavy seasoning of film soundtracks…’ London born/Oslo based producer Simon Poole has collaborated with many top names such as Orbital, Osymyso and Dub Tribe.

10 The Spy From Cairo – Camel Ride (Stoned Asia Music)
Yes, Pathaan has this artist who is Zeb from Irma records in another guise and will be featured on Stoned Asia Music in the future. Being ironic in the title coming from New York.

11 Toires- Sanaati (Backroom Beats)
Toires is a place where the old world of Moroccan music meet the modern electronics of the studio with cutting edge production from Florian Seriot. Vocals provided by Natacha Atlas of Transglobal Underground fame.

12 Ikarus- Touched The Sun (Earthtone Records)
Hailing from the US label Earthtone, this track will have you meditating and head nodding. Perfect for this new project.

13 Kaya – Project- Levess (Stoned Asia Music)
Hailing from South America and Arabia; perfect track for this tranquil project.

14 Abhijit Pohankar – Piya Bavari (Times Music)
The first time this was heard by Pathaan, he knew one day this tune would appear on one of his projects!

15 Gunjan- Midnight Sail (Ishq)
This artist is from Bally Sagoo’s stable and is a firm favurite of Pathaan. Bally Sagoo has produced this gem to finish the proceedings on this new WORLD PEACE project.

So sit back and allow me to take you, ‘back to the future’ on one of his musical voyages around the globe – From September 2002, 15 EXCLUSIVE & HARD TO FIND tranquil productions from artists around the globe.

Smiles & Hugs !!!
Pathaan x

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”
Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr

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