We need some great artwork for our forthcoming release by  Dj Javier Estrada from Monterrey, Mexico!

He calls his style PreHispanico!

Prehispanic means before the arrival of Columbus. So in his music Javier wants to “recreate” the jungle vibe and the blood rituals of the Aztec people.

So if you’re an aspiring artist seeking some recognition for your awesome work, this could just be the ticket for you and for your work to be recognized worldwide.

We have already helped to put artists like Amy Sarkisian, Brian M Viveros and others firmly on or further on the map with many labels/producers/blogs and TV taking inspiration from what we have pushed artwise on our blog.

We’re opening this one up to all of you lot out there and so if you’d like to submit your work for our consideration for this release please send it to me here in low rez 500 x 500 max to start with:

[email protected]

Entry submissions close on 18 April 2011.

The above image is an example of the kind of thing we’re probably after for this release but go with your creative flow.

Here’s the kinda music on the release:

Guerrero Azteca – Dj Javier Estrada by djjavierestrada

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