This month has been huge for me so I apologise that the post is very biased due to the Australian tour I recently went on and I haven’t been able to keep up with as many releases in the international Chip-Scene as I would normally.



Shameless self-promotion time!! I released a free EP of dinosaur inspired Chip Bass tracks through Kittenrock earlier this month. You can stream/download the whole thing from my Bandcamp or from Kittenrock. I have had a killer time playing these tracks live on tour and you can check out some videos and pics of the shows on my website. Also attached a silly teaser video I put together for the EP. Enjoy!




Not the usual stuff I post in here but had to make mention of it as it is some of the most original and fun Chipmusic I have heard in ages. It doesn’t hurt that I also recently toured with this guy and he is a top bloke. Basically it sounds like Sex Pistols or Ramones if they chucked their drums through a bitcrusher and killed the lead singer. He achieves this sound by using the gameboy as the backing track and plays live distorted bass guitar over the top. The release is available for “pay what you want” download from his bandcamp as well as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl that you can purchase by contacting the artist.




Byzanite was kind enough to send me a copy of his full length Enigma LP and it is quite a release. As I have already covered his stuff previously I will make this review short. There are a lot of quality tracks on this release, however it may be my “ADD” music listening preference or something else but I thought there were too many tracks. I am all for a release being diverse but there are just a few too many tracks here. The standouts for me are “Wash Out” and “Final Step” which suprise, suprise are the two chipstep tracks. The other tracks have their part and some of them even have some very intriguing elements of originality, ie “Jumper” has a jacked swing groove that is really fresh and tracks like “Damage” really brings a high energy heavy dance vibe that few chip-musicians can pull off. All in all it is a solid release but I think a more focused direction with fewer tracks of higher quality will very likely come in his next release and I am looking forward to it. Enigma will be available very soon on iTunes and limited physical copies may still be available (ask him on tumblr)
Enigma Full Sampler by Byzanite
CHIP IN: Japan

As you all well know this month Japan has been devastated by several natural disasters and the chipmusic scene felt the only thing they could do amongst the chaos was to put together some kind of fundraising system to allow musicians to show their love and support and for fans of the music to give to a nation in need. So far there are over 90 tracks that you are able to download through making a donation through their page. As an artist you can also submit a track although I think they may reach their limit soon!! For the Chip Bass fans there are a couple of stand out tracks here. Mouthless has submitted a chilled out old school dub track complete with melodica. Diamonds & Dynamite put in a slamming Nanoloop Chipstep track. Other than that there are a tonne of others and you may just discover a new favourite artist.

Mouthless – Drubz
Come Dine With Cthulhu ***RADIO EDIT*** by Diamonds & Dynamite

A very pleasant suprise when an artist in your city springs up and even better when their first songs are relevant to your interests :P. Rubijaq played his first show with us at the start of the tour and blew many people away with the sound he has developed when he has only been writing on gameboy for a short time. All freebies so download and share.
Pale Face by rubijaq
Thetan Level 8 by rubijaq

This fellow from Chile contacted me last month to check out his tracks. At the time I did but was caught up in other stuff and didn’t think on it again. Listening back to it and one other new track he has up this is really solid heavy gameboy dance tracks (electro???! maybe but not really).

Ladrones de saco y corbata (muestra) by analogchile
Machina by analogchile

Just in case you were worried that a Chip Bass Monthly post was about to happen without 486, he goes along and drops a live set that is as always mightily impressive. Just start following him on soundcloud already. I may be mistaken but pretty sure he drops a Kodek track toward the end of the set as well. MASSIVE!
Live March 12 2011 by 486 Sound System™


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