It’s all coming today….!

Maybe one of the most infectious and addictive Moombahton tracks I’ve heard thus far with huge potential for worldwide cross-over appeal.  Perfect top of the pop charts fodder and squarley directed at that market!

I <3 it! Pure fun and smiles!

Ok, purists are gong to say it’s a lil’ gimmicky too but what the hell music would be a bit boring without gimmicks.  Besides, c’mon man, it could be argued that the actual creation of Moombahton accidentally arose from a gimmick but who’s laughing now!!!!

Here’s the vid and I think the title track has had to be changed from Kate Middleton to “Taking Over the Dancefloor” cause Buckingham Palace probably sent Nadia Oh a letter from the Queen.  Not a noice one either!



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