Wow, just been totally knocked out by this, man it’s gorgeous, sublime, beautiful!

I just stumbled upon this guy via Soundcloud.  The free downloads will not last long and so I’d be quick if I were you.

Via his facebook page I found out that the Guardian described this guy’s sound as “Ambient Goth” and made him their new band of the day yesterday, read about it HERE.

I’d just like to quote this passage because it pretty much sums up exactly what I also feel about this:

Touch is what we dreamed the James Blake album would sound like……..Remember those stories about Prince being a Cocteau Twins fan? Well, this is what might have resulted had he worked with Robin Guthrie or Kevin Shields, If I Was Your Girlfriend goes To Here Knows When. Then again, maybe we should just get out more.

Much like Burial, we don’t know much about who this dude is.  His Soundcloud says he is Manchester based!

For me, “one” of the most glorious finds of 2011 thus far!


Asobi Seksu – Trails (Holy Other Remix) by HOLY OTHER



    1. nah man..been too wrapped up in this tropical/global shiiiit..of course gonna miss lots of big things..I’m sure it’s gonna make me cry like a baby man, no doubt!

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