Sexxy saturday Cumbia

Canalh on his cumbia mission !

New York based guitarist, Dj/producer, Thornato is back on Generation bass ! I like blogging him cause first time I discovered about him was in sexxy saturday cumbia, UMB blogging. Now I have a kind of e-musical friendship with Thornato (thanks UMB !) based on his quality music: it’s very well produced and Thornato cares about melody what definitly is lacking a lot nowadays. I automatically playlist some of his songs for my mixtapes and lives. Covering areas ranging from -30° to 50°: Thornato travels from Scandinavia where he was born, to Mediterranea where he finds inspiration and his mother’s roots.

Next stop is Colombia. Thornato spent 3 months there with his Cumba Mela audiovisual Collective meeting colombian artists, young and less young, working on tracks and shooting a documentary. He worked with Raffael Cassini, member of Sexteto Tabala, Las Alegres Ambulancias, Viviano Torres, Walter Hernandez from El sistema solar and even Quantic ! In Medellin with a little help from The Arepa magazine Crew and Jeff he connected up with Explosion Negra. I can perfectly imagine them drinking chela (beer) in the San Antonio parc in the city center, great video parceros !!

Petrona Martinez – Sepiterna (thornato rmx) by Thornato

Pedro Ramaya Beltran – Soy la Cumbia (thornato remix) by Thornato

His edits are great but personnaly I am a fan of his proper composition or collaborations waiting to be released: Cumba Mela is completing the work of their Colombia project and since Thornato recently moved to a new flat in NY and will have a dedicated space to record music; he is working on EP/album/live, you can expect great productions from him such as this one:

Barcelona (Instrumental) by Thornato

João Brasil – Tropical Bomb

João Brasil - Tropical Bomb

Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb

4/21/11 – Tropical Bomb by João Brasil is released free on Mann Recording. This successful mash-up of the classic lambada tune makes me all warm and happy inside! I asked MANN about the history of this track and this what they had to say:

joão wrote “tropical bomb” last winter when preparing tracks for his debut ep on man recordings. then j-lo came out with “on the floor” and we decided to not release “tropical bomb”, as she kind of stole the show using the “lambada” melody. when writing about the “lambada” story ( we decided to give away “tropical bomb” as free track to promote the ep.

Thanks J-lo, because of your crap we got this awesome release free!!! Get shakin’

João Brasil

João Brasil – Tropical Bomb by MANRECORDINGS

alternative d/l link:


To top off the Lambada week at Man Recordings with appropriate grandezza, we give away for free the amazing João Brasil track “Tropical Bomb”. Yes, it also features the Lambada melody, but João fuses it with the classic “Volt Mix” beat giving it a slick 1980s baile funk twist. (found here)

man fm

João was interviewed on the last edition of MANN FM (009). Enjoy a hot selection of tunes by Daniel Haaksman, and learn about João’s new release (see below), his history with the music, and about the BaileFunk and Technobrega movements in Brazil.

Man FM 009 – João Brasil by MANRECORDINGS


It’s getting warmer in Europe and that means it’s time to pick the summer hit of 2011. For us the leading aspirant for this most important hit under the sun is no other than Rios mashup king João Brasil and his single debut on Man Recordings, “L.O.V.E. Banana” feat.Lovefoxxx – released on all major online shops today. We also invited João to join us on the new issue of Man FM to talk about the making of the tune and whats going down in Rio these days. Daniel Haaksman interviewed João in Berlin, Trrbo wrapped up the podcast with some springy dance material and Señor Brasil contributed an eclectic exclusiv mix set, too.

Chip Bass Monthly


Every month after I do these posts I wonder if there will be enough new material next month to fill out an entire post and every month I am overwhelmed and surprised with the quality and quantity of Bass influenced Chipmusic being put out in the world and the vast majority for free or cheap.. I <3 Chip Bass!!! (image by Jenn Yves Lemoigne)


From the Netherlands this GameBoy artist (aka DEER or Mark van den Heuvel) has made some of my favourite chipstep stuff in the past but hasn’t been active for a little while, so it is with great pleasure I announce his return with this killer track that has a real unique swing and step to it and I am a big fan MORE PLEASE! Stream the Finished track below or download the Demo here

March of the Grizzly Bears by MONODEER




Now to the only active South African Chip artist that I know of  Sparkyboy. His most recent EP release is a great progression of his style and includes some Dubstep influences as well as a bit of Tropical/Reggaeton and electro and is really really great fun. My two favourite tracks on the release are Veldstep and Danger Danger (Stream Below). Really just download the whole thing for free from Calmdownkidder records its worth it.


Maddest Kings Alive


Australian Multi-Chip instrumentalist has come out with a new cracking classic dub track with nice chip melodies and earthquake inducing sub-bass. Towards the middle once the breaks kick in and it gets going this track really really shines, pick the track up for just $1!



Another Australian and not the last in this post either (incredibly biased towards the aussie chip scene deal with it). little-scale from Adelaide is not only a very prolific and talented artist but also a keen inventor of new tools and hardware for the chip community and also recently graduated with a Doctorate which focused on Chipmusic. It was actually his study I believe that prevented him from releasing as much material in some time (for an artist that also completed a song everyday last year). So this short EP is a welcome return for the artist and it is great to hear him attacking a slightly wonky bass-driven sound on the title track, check it out and download the EP here.


Chalices of the Past


LETS GET TROPICAL!! This squad from Britain bring out the lo-fi distorted steel drum vibe so well I immediately grabbed this release when it came out. The previous release 2Rude is unlike anything else in the chip scene and so incredibly refreshing because of it, yet within the uniquness there is an element of unified sound that even crosses to this new release. Super distorted kick drums, tropical rhythms, steel drums, glitched bleepy melodies, it is a recipe that seems to be repeatable with constant success. Literally one of my favourite releases of the year incredibly original.

Bankai + Abortifacient

This is a release I have been awaiting and even though it isn’t out yet the first sounds of what to expect have appeared and it is a giant mash of chipstep, kuduro, moombahxcore and whatever else. Batshit crazy Australians making gritty lo-fi bangers is probably the best thing ever so have a listen, and keep an eye on ALLCAPS RECORDS for when this drops.

Four Litres of Hope (demo, feat. Abortifacient) by Bankai



The unchallenged lord and master of dancefloor chipmusic in Australia cTrix in preparation for heading off to Blipfestival in New York next month (I will be going to and will give a special Blipfest ChipBass round-up and review next month), he has released another one of his epic jams. This is all live Gameboy Tech-House stuff running through a DJ Mixer and its unashamedly cheesy at times but so masterfully done it gets booties shaking on the first drop.. Download here.


An EP of some upcoming ChipBass madness from SKGB. It looks like to be a mix of bass influenced chip of varying tempos and flavours from Drum’n’Bass to heavy halftime dubstep breakdowns to more ambient melody driven tracks. Great sounds and a nice variety of tracks I am looking forward to downloading this one when it comes out.

The Further Adventures of SKGB (promo) by SKGBdub


Etch (Ant1 remix)

Vekta Records the sweet creative commons based future dub garage label that released the Chipstep banger by Kraettz are about to put out a Remix EP of their most recent release by Etch, RGB. I have been flung the Ant1 remix and it is a real nice mix of chip arps and heavy bass grooves. Expect this to be out in the next week or so, keep your eyes on the Vekta Records page.

Chancha Via Circuito & ZZK Records in NYC

This Friday, if you’re in NYC or anywhere near it you’re going to want to make it out to Brooklyn for Chancha Via Circuito’s Rio Arriba Tour stop at iBomba!

His sophomore album, Rio Arriba, has been receiving co-signs far from his native Argentina – The New York Times, Pitchfork, Fader – with XLR8R and NPR naming it Best Album of 2010. He’s performing live with support from label boss and Digital Cumbia bad man El G.

rio arriba

There’s A LOT more though. ZAKEE, that quiet Philly producer who’s work with MIA and explorations of Kuduro brought him Worldwide attention is now releasing his debut full length on Green Owl/Warner Music this summer. He’s performing live with backing band support, playing all new material mixing African influences with Pop, dark Electronic with Hip Hop and plenty of Global Bass


[soundcloud url=”″]

NYC’s Cumba Mela Collective will be represented by Thornato, 2Melo, and Atropolis – the latter just released his debut record with Dutty Artz this week!


Listen to some tracks from it right here and here:

[soundcloud url=”″]

Still not enough for you? This is how we do it in Brooklyn…Navegante, “the artist that will carry the torch into the future” (the legendary Carlos Santana’s words, not mine) will be rounding out this spring kickoff with their blend of heavy electronic beats, guitars, live drums, and a light show that would make NASA proud.

Check out their EP FOR FREE right here >> NAVEGANTE

One of my favorites from them, We Ridin:

[soundcloud url=”″]

Transnational Dubstep Album Launch Friday 29 April Birmingham


Yes we chose the centre of the Universe, Birmingham to host this in the UK and it takes place tomorrow.

A place where some of the greatest or most successful bands in the world originate from, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, UB40, Emalkay, Duran Duran, ELo, Steel Pulse, The Streets and others.

Well, it is my home city and I gotta say that 🙂



Six Degrees Shop











“Something different and fresh for the listenning ear! A good listen and something that will open your mind!”


“Loving This!…..Cracking package here”

“Rude Profile…great dancefloor biznezzz”


“So surprising to hear something like this…….tracks are ones that you could imagine being on Fabric Live 37….Really into all of them….brilliant idea..”

DJ Anne Savage
“Great for chilling, this is going straight onto my ipod…deserves to do well”

Mary Anne Hobbs

David Starfire (Dj/Producer)
What a slammin compilation from Generation Bass and it’s on my top 10 of 2011″

Mad Decent
A wild collect of dub sounds coming from all over the world

Jaguar Skills

“Yeah wkd”

“Big in the gizzame”

Flore (Botchit & Scarper/Mixmag)
With only a first listen, i can say i’m highly impressed by the quality & the variety of the tracks, the selection is very smart cos i think all the tracks fit good together…looking forward to include some of these tracks in my mix

“Very naice”

“…Clownie…good stuff…”

Doctor P
Supporting – “India sleeping”

“Some different vibes..nice one…big up all the crew”

Schlachthofbronx (/Mad Decent/Man Recordings/ Best Dance Act in the World)

Mistajam (BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra, UK)
“Definitely some strong tracks……expect some support on this from me.”

DJ Allbury (Rinse FM, UK)
“so many variations on this ep, im gettin the feel for bass and the unwinding middle east sounds”

DJ Nappy (Architect of Thugstep)
You can tell that deep thought was put into track selection and layout. In a world of over-synthesized 2-step, this is a refreshing journey in audio. Organic sounds, and a treat to listen to as a whole. Quite pleasurable to vibe out to on a rainy winter afternoon”

Son Of Kick
“Overall deep and well produced. Def pick a couple tunes for the deeper shows”

Bert On Beats (Man Recordings)
“Most definitely one of my favourite and one of a kind compilation! Fleck& FishFinger, BandishProjekt and Celt Islam are winners here!”

Eastenders (Balkan Dance Act)
Your cd is one of the best compilations since the early days of “asian
underground” – brilliant!!

Heartbreak (Moombahton/Moombahcore)
This is the sound… The future of dubstep… A fresh new outtake on a killer sound and genre..

Permanent Damage Records
Think that someone had to do this type of release….has lots of potential to run and run – great concept.

PATHAAN [Worldwide]
This release is essential for discerning ears & undoubtedly encompasses an interesting new musical direction for fusion !

Maduro [Octofoil Records/Electronic]
“The Transnational Dubstep compilation by Generation Bass is by far the best selection of ethnic dubstep I’ve come across thus far – this is truly defining a moment in music”

Eva Pacifico [Ibizarre Records/Ibizasonica]
“Ancient voices meet future music”

IDJ Mag [Russell Deeks]
“Some interesting fusions here…”

Specimen A
“Big Vibes..some well crafted music here…”

Southern Fried [Jay Robinson]
“Cool EP”

“Loving the regional vibes, will fit nicely into my sets”

“Awesome stuff, diverse, melodic, groundbreaking and perfect for a lot of different vibes……..loving the reggae vibes of dub stuff”.

Peo de Pitte
“Phat as F-K!”

Downlink (Rottun)
“Dope tunages”

Komonazmuk (Hench)
“Yeah man nice stuff”

Crissy Criss (BBc1xtra/BBc1 Radio)

The Qemists
”Big fan of Kaliyuga”

DJ Lord (Public Enemy Tour DJ)
“Killer sound……straight up”

BBC Radio 1 LEGEND – Annie Nightingale
Bhangra Fever (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix) …”gets you between the eyes” .


Catch our boy Puzzle in Denmark tomorrow night!

We want you to hear his whole release that came out late last year on Generation Bass Digital and so here it is in 128kbps for a taster:


Of course if you want to hear it and play it in full splendour then you can buy the release in 320:







Sound Escape is a line of events celebrating mind blowing music of all genres! We focus on bringing something new to the music scene in Denmark, and hope to challenge the “popular” music that seems to be inflating our venues and radio stations today!! The goal is to expose new the music to the people and to create a space for forward thinking where people who want to push the limits of mu…sic can excel.

Now it’s time for the second show this year and the first at Stengade since December. We are proud to present…

On Stage This Evening:

KUTMAH (Sketchbook, Dublab, LA)
Justin ‘Kutmah’ McNulty was born in Brighton, England to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. Moving to the United States when he was twelve years old, KUTMAH grew up in Hollywood, California and ultimately made a name for himself as a talented underground artist & DJ.

An intrinsic member of eclectic Los Angeles-based music collective DUBLAB, in 2004 KUTMAH launched the seminal “Sketchbook”, which forged fundamental roots of the now-infamous LA beat scene.

In Spring 2010, without advance warning nor any provoking criminal activity, armed US Federal Agents entered KUTMAH’s home, incarcerated him for two months at a New Mexico detention centre under immigration charges, and ultimately deported him to the UK where he currently resides. Since then KUTMAH has toured Europe, playing shows with Saul Williams, The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi, Dabrye, Teebs and others.

THE WORKS (Twelve Beats & Terry Tester)
The Works is a collaboration between the two Copenhagen based producers Twelve Beats and Terry Tester. The two have been involved with the danish hip hop scene for a while and been involved in both Nobody Beats The Beats and have made heads turn world wide with tracks finding their way to a Brownswood Bubbler compilation by Gilles Petterson and legendary 4Hero member Marc Mac.

PUZZLE (Generation Bass)
As a child puzzle was hit by high energy beams of starlight, originating from the unknown depths of the cosmos. He started seeing melodies in vibrant, shimmering, palettes of neon, and started weaving them together with thick blankets of bubbling bass. People who heard his music were lured into his labyrinth of puzzle beats, many of whom have never returned..

Puzzle is the next branch in the ever growing GENERATION BASS family tree. His 8-bit oriented, bass heavy lazerstep is breaking barriers and winning new souls daily.

Part southern style Hip-Hop beats get fused with blubby and wobbly synths to create a dense, layered sound in which the drums peak up like blinking lights.

These are not just random dubstep productions, they border on Skweee as well and feature a very personal use of melody and arranging.

More than just bangers, these are bangers with soul…

PAPA (New Folder)
Papa’s music is a fusion of instrumental Hip-Hop, ambient and experimental electronic music. Using his APC, he flips through samples of obscure, funky and percussive music with a truly mesmerizing and hypnotic result. The inspiration often comes from cratediggin’ through his obscure and worldwide record-collection, mixing bits and pieces together.

Hosted By INSPIRED (Sound Escape)

FEE 50,-
Doors 21.00
Showstart 22.00 – Sharp (Stengade closes at 02.00)

The night will be recorded and broadcasted for Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Tune in at

FEE: 50,-



Bruce’s Babes:

Africa Unsigned – Transnational Dubstep

Maga Bo – Ethiopian GreaTneSS

DJ Roy – Cumbia & Prehispanico

Javier Estrada – Cumbiahton & Native Dubstep

Sunsplash – Tuki Bass

Deltatron  – Dumbia

Ezekiel 2090 – Neuro Cumbiahton Futuristico

Uproot Andy -Bachata

Afro Bass – Ghetto Bass

Hombreranajorge – Cumbia House

Kantiw – 3ball

Tete De Tigre – Voodoo Houze

Sonora – Merengue & Colombian Bass

Jackposada – Midget House

Tecladeoro – Dance Hall Kilombo

Dillon Francis – Dubstep

Bounse VS Koyunbaba – 16 Bit Bounse-step


Bounce brucey bounce!!!



Muthoni the Drummer Queen will release her EP on Africa Unsigned soon. One of the producers on the EP is Dutch Electronic producer Floris Jonker. As a preview to what the EP might sound like, here’s an exclusive remix he did for her hitsingle Mikono Kwenye Hewa (Original released on Penya Africa)

Muthoni The Drummer Queen – Mikono Kwenye Hewa (Floris Jonker Remix) by Africa Unsigned

Maga Bo – Ethiopian GreaTneSS


Man this is one of the best things I’ve seen and heard all year thus far, unbelievable!

Maga Bo – “Gondar feat. Eritbu ‘Solomon’ Agegnehu and Entenesh Wassié” from Maga Bo on Vimeo.



Estrada is not the only Prehispanico kid on the block, welcome DJ Roy, also from Mexico.

I say MORE prehispanico, I love the idea behind it, the potential for politics and most importantly, first & foremost, the sound!

Dj. Roy El Atardecer Trancero by djrooy

QuenoCke Yezcolin – Dj.Roy by djrooy



Talk of the Devil, here is Estrada with some of his new experimentations away from Prehispanico!

Dj Javier Estrada – Ciclon by djjavierestrada

Dj Javier Estrada – Apache Warrior by djjavierestrada



Sunsplash is a newborn Beast, Half Brazilian , Half Venezuelan, Half male, Half Female, 100% ill. A clash between house, tropic and rhyme.

Pocz – Mortal Kombat (Sunsplash Remix) by sunsplash



Been quite a while since we had any Deltatron and Dumbia on here.  A welcome return!

Deltatron – L.M.C. by Deltatron

Deltatron – Eres un loco by Deltatron

Deltatron – Algo en tus ojos by Deltatron



This dude comes up with some crazzy shiit!

Black Sun Empire – Breach (Ezekiel’s mashMIX) by Ezekiel2090



Uproot Andy always comes up with top notch stuff and has been doing so for a number of years now and so here’s another, this time a supreme slice of Bachata.

Vete (Uproot Andy rmx) – Antony Santos by Uproot Andy



A work in progess but sounds good to me man.




Dj Mohan’s Remix of Danza Negra a composition of Lucho Bemudez.

Lucho Bermudez – Danza Negra (Dj Mohan Remix) by hombreranajorge



Some xcellent 3ball from Mexico!

Mr. Kanti W – Sonidon (Original Mix) by Kantiw

Mr. Kanti W – Grito Andino (Original Mix) by Kantiw



Voodoo Houze, watch out for Midget House too, below!

Arcade – Contrincante (Tete de Tigre “black ceremony” remix) by Tête de Tigre



Sonora is another one of those top quality producers, always enjoy his work.  Here’s what he says about his 2 latest tracks.

Heres an original track I finished to play tonight called “Mi Aventura” I tossed in Project Pat’s “Tell Tell Tell”.  Ive been getting back into alot of the 8bit production and writing alot more melodys lately.  My next EP will be alot similar to this, but anyways theirs the free download..

Sonora – Mi Aventura Riddim / Tell Tell Tell by SONORA

I made this track a couple months ago, been playing out recently at the past couple Peligrosa shows and had some dope responses. Was going to sit on this for a while longer but after the redbull battle last night im pretty stoked and am aching to hammer out MORE tracks and keep pushing limits. Anyways I hope you enjoy, original is done by one of my fav aritsts from Colombia “Totó la Momposina: i did a mix of her “La Verdolaga” track a year ago, I just couldnt stop myself from doin another!

Sonora – La Candela Viva by SONORA



I think DJ SOLO invented this term, Midget House and here’s another great slice of it by this Australian based colombian dude!

The Kookaburra its a native Australian bird that produces wicked sounds similar to a human laughing and was my inspiration for this tune

Feel free to download a wav file with a pretty decent home mastering and DJ friendly edit

Burundanga – The Laughing Kookaburra by jackposada



From Chile, great stuff!

De La Ghetto – Jala Gatillo (Tecla de Oro Remix) by tecladeoro



DF, not just a MoomBaH head but also great at Dubstep too!

Dillon Francis – Beautician by DILLONFRANCIS



BounsE and Koyunbaba finally decided to make some beats together. Here’s their musical love-child.

BounsE vs Koyunbaba – 16 Bit Monsters by Koyunbab



Biiiiig bashment mix from The Heatwave to open this week, followed by some wonky groovyness from DJ Delay and finishing on a deliciously smooth bass cocktail from Fenger Sway. Jump in:

The Heatwave

the heatwave - energy bashment

Serious dancehall heat from The Heatwave, this is an expert selection. Completely packed with classics, and some wicked pop refixes – Vybz over Robyn S is massive, I can never get enough of that tune. Other highlights: the Jim Screechie riddim is immense, b15 Project – Girls Like Us which is one of those tunes for which the word ‘classic’ does not express enough classic-ness and Vybz Kartel – Yuh Love which was one of my tunes of last year, hands down, and is still just as huge. There’s a few moments on this mix which for me tip over the edge in to ‘too cheesy’ territory, but that’s just my personal take on it (and note that I don’t include Robyn S or B15 in that, which I’m sure would both rate high on most people’s cheese-o-meters. Cheese is subjective. Man, that’s deep, imma have that carved on my tombstone) – I can forgive a little fluff in a mix so completely stuffed with FYAH…

DOWNLOAD: The Heatwave: Energy Bashment

Rihanna & Vybz Kartel – What’s My Name (Federation Remix)
Beenie Man & Future Fambo – Rum & Red Bull (One Day Riddim)
Khago – Nah Sell Out (One Day Riddim)
Mr G – Swaggarific (One Day Riddim)
Aidonia – Tek It Off (Catalog Riddim)
Mr Lexx – Punaany Riddim (The Heatwave Special)
Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Like A Jockey (Street Groove Riddim)
Keida – We Ready (Dancehall EFX Riddim)
Liquid – Inna The Middle (Dancehall EFX Riddim)
Vybz Kartel – Dancehall Hero (Dancehall EFX Riddim)
Mavado – All Dem A Talk (Dancehall EFX Riddim)
Busy Signal – Up In Her Belly
Scatta – Coolie Dance Riddim
Spice – Jim Screechie (Jim Screechie Riddim)
Aidonia – Jackhammer (Jim Screechie Riddim)
TOK – Everybody Clap (Jim Screechie Riddim)
Vybz Kartel & Robin S – Picture This (Refix)
Supa Jigga TC – Speaker Boxx
Natalie Storm & Footsteps – Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix)
Vybz Kartel & Major Lazer – Wine To The Ground (KLJ Refix)
Ms Dynamite & Sticky – Booo!
Crissy D, Lady G & B-15 Project – Girls Like Us
Lea-Anna & Wundah – Kisses (Transition Riddim)
Mavado – Feeling Lonely
Vybz Kartel – Yuh Love (Smoke Machine Riddim)
Vybz Kartel, Mad Cobra & Mr Lexx – Touch A Button (The Heatwave Refix)
Mad Cobra – Press Trigger (The Buzz Riddim)
Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb Refix (The Buzz Riddim)
Mr Vegas – A Nuh Di Same (The Buzz Riddim)
Sean Paul – Give Me The Light (The Buzz Riddim)
Kelis, Beenie Man & TOK – Trick Me Twice (The Heatwave Refix)
J Boog – Let’s Do It Again (Major Riddim)
Busy Signal – Night Shift
Gappy Ranks – Longtime
Zagu Zar – Welcome To England
Mr Williamz & Curtis Lynch – London (Jam 1 Riddim)
YT – England Story (The Heatwave Special)
Pinchers – Amazing (Turn It Up Riddim)
Cham, Mykal Rose & Bounty Killer – Stronger
Mims, Jr Reid & Cham – This Is Why I’m Hot
Jah Cure & Rick Ross – Like I See It
Super Cat – Mud Up
Jeremy Harding – Playground Riddim
Sean Paul – Infiltrate (Playground Riddim)
Beenie Man – Who Am I (Playground Riddim)
Beenie Man – Dude (Fiesta Riddim)
Sean Paul – Give It Up To Me (Vinyl Shotz Refix – Show Off Riddim)
Mavado – Last Night (Show Off Riddim)
Liquid – Hold A Vibe

DJ Delay

DJ Delay

Delay has been going through his extensive archives of old mixes & radio shows & gifting them to the intrawebs, they’re well worth checking out… This one is a great selection of wonky-acid-electro-disco-bass with some junglistic action towards the end – and finishing on some wonked out country (side note – more country in bass music please!) – from Si Begg’s Noodles label:

Selecting my personal favourites from the extremely strange Noodles Discotheque series on 12″ albums (7 of them to date) put out around the early 00’s by Si Begg (Cabbageboy, Buckfunk 3000 etc). Somehow managed to get a Beam Up track on one of them. Recorded with 2 turntables in 1 run and a few mistakes over an hour of very normal music for odd dancers. Noodles info here –

This will only be available on soundcloud for a few more days, after that you can check it out at DJ Delay’s Mixcloud where you can find other shows from his back catalogue…

Into The Groovy-Noodles Discotheque- d/l 1 wk only-read description by Beam Up & DJ Delay

1. advice to the young – si begg [noodles]
2. brothers and sisters – si begg [noodles]
3. funky edits R a must – si begg [noodles]
4. mouth fool – jamie lidell [noodles]
5. living in a disco – culture cruncher [noodles]
6. unknown dialect – navario souro & si begg [noodles]
7. ansaphone – anal parade [noodles]
8. fuel conk – tanzmusik [noodles]
9. sloop dee j – culture cruncher [noodles]
10. work that mutha – michael forshaw [noodles]
11. crowd dispersal – correctional facilites [noodles]
12. alright already-enough is enough – little nobody [noodles]
13. no future house – si begg [noodles]
14. technical person – photon wallet [noodles]
15. lenny dee – kid whatever [noodles]
16. for the mall kidz – kid whatever [noodles]
17. booty shaker – culture cruncher [noodles]
18. circle OBS – van der hoogs country collective [noodles]

Fenger Sway


Heard a tune by this dude on Rinse FM this morning so went to check out his other stuff & found this mix of deeeep bass, lovely stuff. The energy picks up as the mix progresses from 2562 style spacious depth to a slightly more frenetic dubstep & juke assault – though we never get in to full on filth territory here, this is all much more considered than that. It still slaps you round the face but with a confident, straightforward stomp rather than having to resort to filth. Good work.


Peverelist – Gather
Martyn – Vancouver
2562 – Techno Dread
DJ Madd – Detroit Skank
Von D – So Many Faces (VIP Mix)
Silkie – Slow Jam
Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
Ramadanman – Glut
Ramadanman – Work Them
Silkie – Test
DJ Madd – Corner Dance
Silkie – Wonder
Malilone – Lions And Pearls
Pariah – Crossed Out
Pearson Sound – plsn
Andrea – Retail Juke

Global SoundClash Round #2: Galactic Fyah

global soundclash round2
click image for full-size


YESSS MASSIVE!  Our winners from round 1 ready to rumble!


We got the #1 Woman in the GlobalBass scene, representing all the Ladies, it is the one and only, FLORE!!!!

The next group is not just a band, they are a global tribe that roams through the world blazing conscious fires in the minds and spirits of the people, welcome WATCHA CLAN!!!

The man who blazed through the competition of Group 1 with deep dub vibes and psychedelic sounds, the one they called Tara Putra!!!!

Last but not Least, one of the hottest groups in the nu-cumbia/bass scene right now, schlachthofbronx!!!!!!

The rules of this round are simple. Each artist enters with two tracks, you vote for the track that absolutly killed it for you in each bracket. The two artists with the highest vote-count from both brackets combined move on the finals.

We got big tunes here so crank up the volume and prepare for the showdown!

Voting ends May 3rd, 2011!