The best dance act in the world, indeed, keeps touring madly and dropping mad tunes one after the next one!

Although right now they are promoting their Mad Decent Nasty Bass EP, these guys keep working on and on!!

Every show is different as they go with people’s flow!! And in their visit to Toronto we were witness of a RELEASE!!

Upcoming Special, they would say..

so here it is…
Schlachthofbronx‘s new tune.. (i dunno the name, but i know it has huarachero/cumbia and global bass beats like only these guys drop!!)

This is Nasty bass promo!!

Nasty bass promomix – schlachthofbronx by schlachthofbronx

And this is thermost recent hit!! Chambacu!!

in it’s original stream from Soundcloud
Chambacu by schlachthofbronx

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