This is the moment I and many others have been waiting for, Crookers making interesting beats again.

Ok, sounds like a cross between Diplo and Schlachthofbronx but it’s a damn site more interesting than what they did on their last album.

This might just be their comeback, I really hope so anyway!

I’m totally losing my mind over this shiit!

Crookers present Dr Gonzo – Bust ’em Up + Springer ( World Premier on Annie Mac BBC ) by

Annie Mac gave the first radio play to Bust Em Up & Springer on her BBC Radio 1 show, and did a short interview with Bot. Thank you for the support!!

The ‘Bust Em Up EP is available 11.04.11 on Beatport, 25.04.11 on iTunes.

This EP is 3 tracks of madness, featuring Savage Skulls, Neoteric & Wax Motif

Bust ’em Up, Springer, Get the f*(k Out My House


A Facebook buddy, Maarten Klein alerted me to the fact that the second track “Springer” actually sounds like a 2011 version of this classic Hardcore tune from Rotterdam and man he’s right:

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