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If there’s one band that showed me the power of Balkan music it must be Balkan Beat Box. Now the founders of BBB are raging with a new project called Shotnez, a “punk rock minimalism meets Middle Eastern complexities.” Shotnez mix, “Middle Eastern and eastern European influences with noise Rock and crime Jazz. The debut album will be released into the wild on JDub Digital on April 5, 2011.”

Before the madness hit the streets , JDUB Records blessed us with the first track of the album as a free promo (thanks Sharon :P).

Listen to Bagdhad and Stolen Goods:

Download Stolen Goods here 4 free

I gotta tell ya folks, this alchemy of sound is sort of strange and like a DrJekyll potion, it might unleash your wild side! Not condescendingly their track, ‘Chaos’, was playing as I wrote this last line 😛

“The spirit of SHOTNEZ” explains Ori Kaplan (saxophonist, co-founder of BBB and ex-member of Gogol Bordello), “is dark, romantic, and totally kick-ass… We like to call it Mediterranean surf noir. It’s cinematic… you follow the stream of sound like the plotline of a movie.”

Ok this makes sense, each track creates a picture in your in brain, and the song untested makes me feel a bit unrested! “I don’t know if I am unhappy because I am not free, or if I am not free because I am unhappy” says the sample in the track and the dark surf continues…….

shotnez untested


“Back in 2002, Kaplan played regularly with his group Shaatnez at the legendary Tonic nightclub. Tamir Muskat and Stephen Ulrich (guitar, composer of the HBO show “Bored to Death”) joined often, as part of an instrumental downtown trio called Big Lazy. When Itamar Ziegler (Bass, Balkan Beat Box, Pink Noise) came into the picture, it was clear that they had a beast that, if tamed, would produce an infinite range of velocity and dynamics.”


shotnez - shotnez album cover

It’s pure “madness,” says The LA Weekly, “a whole new way to play music.”

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