You remember Kito right?

She was the first female dubstepper we ever posted way back in 2009 man, HERE.

Well, anyway, she has just released an EP on the brilliant Mad Decent label with vocalist, Reija Lee and man it’s a killa!

Full of Popstep and LuvStep beauties, it’s just my cuppa man.  If you loved my Popstep Dub Symphony mixtape series or the Luvstep series by the Mad Decent boys, Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix, then this is gonna floor you.  Gets 10/10 from me man!

Grab this free remix and then check out the mini-mix:

Kito & Reija Lee-This City (Asa & KOAN Sound Remix) by maddecent

Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk EP Minimix by maddecent

Here’s the official Press Release:

Mad Decent is proud to present “Sweet Talk”, the first EP from Australian duo Kito and Reija Lee. Kito provides the catchy, bass heavy production skills, which blend perfectly with Reija Lee’s crisp vocals and absolutely massive hooks. The two have been friends since childhood, and previously collaborated on “LFO” which appeared on Kito’s EP for Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label, but this is their first proper release together.

In a dubstep scene dominated by men, Kito & Reija Lee have managed to bring a decidedly female perspective to the table while staying true to the genre’s roots. Kito’s production is sexy and intelligent, rough in the right places, and supremely catchy. The EP’s title track “Sweet Talk” might be the best example, taking equal turns at being sultry, hard & mysterious while Reija’s manipulated vocals tell her boy to get his shit straight. “Broken Hearts,” is the poppiest cut here, with Reija shouting an in your face hook that will be stuck in your head way beyond first listen. Lookout for the upcoming Dillon Francis remix on this one! “On The Jam” features Kito cleverly twisting Reija Lee’s vocals into autotuned heaven, and “This City” rounds out the EP on a mellow edge with yet another huge catchy chorus. Kito & Reija Lee take dubstep in the perfect pop-crossover direction, doing it with class and flair.




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