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Italian Dubstep scene is getting a serious push with the new label Voodoo Rebel and its first release by ARGE of the Numa Crew. I’ve tested the track ‘awake’ from the EP in my last mix (march madness) and it delivers!

As an offering from Voodoo Rebel, we got the track BRING YO ASS off the EP as an exlusive free gift to our readers. The track is a good 2-step dubstep featuring invading melodies and dark basslines.  —Download 320kbps MP3 Here



Release date: April 14th, 2011

Get it off Juno:

Voodoo Rebel 001- Boricua! Ep (promo-mix) by Voodoo Rebel

From the PR:

VoOdOo ReBeL is a new label focused on global electronic music, kuduro, moombahton, dubstep and every new sound and beat that could come from the ghetto.

The first release it will be an EP produced by ARGE (NUMA CREW) containing 4 tracks:
-Bring yo ass

Boricua is a banger hit with a kuduro shuffled rythm, wobbling aggressive basslines and a catchy synth-line that blows away the dancefloor everytime you drop it.

Demons is a massive dubstep tune with a dub flavoured intro and a heavy acid bass flowing in a classic DMZ style.

Bring yo ass it’s another dancefloor banger, the drums have a strong kick and a fat kuduro snare, the bassline is pulsy,rytmic and gives to the track a tropical flavour.

Awake is a mental dubstep tune: indian hypnotic sounds, the sub-bass helps meditate on the irie atmosphere that this massive track creates.

Arge is a versatile producer, member of NUMA CREW, the first dubstep crew in italy. His productions are various and have many influences like dubstep, kuduro, fidget, moombahton and UKfunky. He released for Elastica and ERBA records, collaborating with international artists like Zion Train, Asian dub foundation, Arpxp and performing all over Europe also in big festivals like OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2010. He organizes parties in florence italy with the BASS SQUAD CREW


you kno, let’s explore this crew a bit further, here are some of the members and my picks of their sounds (i’ve asked them to enable downloads on the tracks and some have done it, so grab em while they hottt! :P):

more from Arge:


Tek buddy gal!- Vybz kartel (VoOdOo ReBeL RMX) by Arge NUMA CREW


ready for some Ragga/Jungle?
T.Kay Ganja Breed remix by T.Kay Numa Crew

T.Kay Grudge rmx by T.Kay Numa Crew

back to dub—-step
Crimerz by T.Kay Numa Crew


Bring in the dancehall dubstep!

Vybz Kartel feat. Spice-Who god bless BOTZ remix (preview) by Botz numa crew

Mavado-Gangsta nuh play! Botz rmx_vip version(preview)*out on erba records* by Botz numa crew



Not a stranger to this site, Ckrono represents BASS Squad which Numa Crew are part of, check out his insanely bassy


Didi-èr – Kick Da Wobbhole (Ckrono’s de Puta Wobble Moombahcore rmx) [FP010] by Ckrono

Samim – Heater (Ckrono moombahton edit) by Ckrono

and dancehall cumbiaton (I <3)

Bad Gal (Crookers remix / Douster Caliente edit ) (Ckrono’s Cumbiaton fix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Ckrono


Got room for one more Italian hotshot in here and I give it to Lapo, check him out!

Bless me by Lapo (Numacrew) Dubstep

Out law by Lapo (Numacrew) Dubstep

and how about all of them in one smokin’ set? FYAAAHHHH!

Getdarker set # 48 (all traks by Lapo,Arge,Botz,Leo,Tkay numacrew + noiza) by Lapo (Numacrew) Dubstep

NUMA duplates set traklist

1 Ghetto Youth (ERBArmx) dub
2 The Svientist (TKay NUMAcrew) dub
3 Erb Promotion (ERBArmx) dub
4 Mad man walking (NOIZa) dub
5 Nobody cant stop us (Botz NUMAcrew) dub
6 Jah Bless me (Lapo NUMAcrew) dub
7 Gangsta Na Play (ERBArmx) ERBA 02
8 Keep your head up (Botz NUMAcrew) pullup dub
9 Passive violence (TKay NUMAcrew) dub
10 Winston (Leon P NUMAcrew) dub
11 Gunz Factory (Botz NUMAcrew) dub
12 Missy grime (Leon P NUMAcrew) dub
13 Haarp Teknology (Arge NUMAcrew) dub
14 Ghetto dance VIP (Lapo NUMAcrew feat Sistah Kinky) fake ID vip
15 Boricua (Arge NUMAcrew) dub
16 Tuff Africa (ERBArmx) ERBA 02
17 Frenzy (Lapo + Botz NUMAcrew) dub
18 Police in Helicopta (ERBArmx) dub
19 Herbalist rmx (ERBArmx) ERBA 01
20 World of ragga (ERBArmx) ERBA002

alright massive i’mma conclude here saying that just like in the minimal techno/electro scene, the Italians are going to continue putting a dent in the global bass scene with fine quality, production acrobatics and sound engineering like only they can!

Arrivederci Amici



        1. wicked!! This crew makes some of the baddest dancehall dubstep/dnb/ragga and I love me dancehall vibe!

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