Some free. Some not so free. But Top Shelf Bizness either way!

An excellent (albeit cut too short) tune from Paata – delivering Transnational Dubstep at it’s best! Dancing On Mount Uhuru (Dubstep) by Paata

An escape from the city into the hills. But wait… this track isn’t downloadable so I need an internet connection to stream it. hmmmn… dilemma.
Escape Dub by Roots Controlla

Boom! Back in the city and it’s infested with robots!
Excision – Subsonic [ BONG REMIX ] [ DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION !!! ] by BongDubstep
Grab the download from here (there’s another nice track bundled with this download as well 😉

More Transnational Dub vibing with this tuff gem from Grasp The Erro & Shamik.
Grasp The Erro & Shamik – Widen by shamik

Bronstibock kicks down the jam for Muthoni. The popcorn synth into the drop at 2:06 is tight! I love that high skittering synth bubbling just under the surface.
Bronstibock feat. Sage & Muthoni The Drummer Queen- “I just wanna dance” (Bronstibock Dubversion) by bronstibock

Next up i’ve got this lovely Chinese Dub fusion tune from Alpha Steppa. Love. Love. LOVE this tune!
Alpha Steppa – Belle Doo by Alpha Steppa

As a nice chill ending to this collection and in homage to the rain that swept over Amsterdam today, ‘Rainy Dubs’ by Echomer.
Rainy dubs by echomer


  1. such quality tunes here and great flow, love the chill ending, this can come together as a phat dj mix in this exact order

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