Buku is Robert Balotsky, an unsigned dubstep and electronic artist from Pittsburgh, PA. I love finding guys on the rise, and I can’t imagine him being unsigned for too much longer.

Known for his grimy yet melodic sound, his sounds spawn from the styles of various producers and bands. With a strong influence from metal music and concerts, Buku enjoys all things heavy and high-energy.

Also a student studying music, he is a classically trained musician. With years of music theory studies, you can find a strong orchestral influence in his music as well. With his ever-growing popularity, Buku plans on playing more and more live shows sure to full of high energy, heavy tunes.


Buku- For What It’s Worth (Original Mix)

Buku- Brain Dead (Original Mix)


Buku- Jaws Drop (Original Mix)

These tracks are locked on soundcloud, but Buku sorted 320’s of all three to download:
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