dengue dengue dengue

Canalh on the cumbia mission, I am back to nu cumbia with this one. I selected some of the best tracks of the lasts weeks and as always, inevitable a good mix of classics. I am not used to, but today I want to open with this excellent mix from Dengue Dengue Dengue ! coming from Peru. I was chatting about mixes with Medline and to me a good mix includes: new & old tracks, classics and fresh stuff, it has to present an original selection which makes sense as a whole and make you feel there’s a dialogue between you, the Dj/producer and the tracks selected. Dengue Dengue Dengue ! succeed all of that. The mixtape is rather cool and downtempo perfect for a sunny afternoon. Plus it has excelent artwork done by one of the artist. I tell you, great mixtape.

Dengue Dengue Dengue! Mixtape Vol.1 by Dengue Dengue Dengue!

Wait ! they remixed one of my idols Lisandro Mesa, and it’s quite well done:

Lisandro Meza – Del puente a la alameda (dengue dengue dengue! remix) by Dengue Dengue Dengue!

2 – Dragao Style the productor from Bogota let us this good track, a slow cumbia taking us to a trip to the moon. It’s quite dark and revendicative. It’s a clever cumbiastep. I really enjoy it and it would have fit the Dengue Dengue Dengue ! mix perfectly !

LA LUZ DEL SOL 2011 (chasing the dragon remix) by DRAGAO STYLE

3 – The rebel records: a Digilabel created by Caballo and Gux Swadharma in 2005 which specializes in FREE DOWNLOAD releases! They have no boundaries in terms of music, from dubstep to deathmetal… and everything in between. They don’t pretend doing Hype Music, they are more likely exploring new sounds and tendencies. I selected two track sent by The rebel records which is as well the home of the excellent Latino Resiste compilations. But what I best like about The rebel records is the emulation between colombians artist from within and outside Colombia. Hyperactive geeks like Caballo make it possible !

Sancocho e’ Tigres- Lujo de pobre (Cumbia Version) by therebelrecords

Sancocho e Tigre feat. Caballo by Binary Cumbia Orchestra

4 – This one is hot: Camanchaca. They shine popping out of the pampa with a folkloric electronica which is quiete interesting. I couldn’t get any info about them. This track sounds like one of the Zizek tradition but with a real hot singer this time. FREE DOWNLOAD !

Correcaminos (ft. Stacy Antonel) by camanchaca

5 – James Stewart. James travel regularly to Africa but he is no steward. Stewart, the name is famus in France among collectionists and bloggers. He mixed some classics and some a wee rare cumbias. I had the chance to meet him in Lyon some weeks ago. The man is a huge collectionist, like the rest of his crew Palmwine records (by the way if there’s people reading us in Lyon Hugo Mendez from Sofrito Records is playing there on the Sirius, a nice boat on the Rhône river). The man is a real party man, friendly, cool, but french people, some way, are always kind of theoric: so he’s doing a doctorate about “the axis of black music in the Atlantic ocean”. It must be huge to study on that… Speaking of axis he nearly broke my headphones, but I am not so angry cause the party was huge too !

SD fro Grenouille n°6 “Nadie a parte cumbia” by James Stewart !


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